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X-Sign User Manual

In this section, we'll explain how to manage content in X-Sign, control the player, and set up playlists.

X-sign 2.0 / X-sign User manual / Video Wall

Fine-tuning the Video Wall from X-Sign Designer

2020 / 08 / 24

X-Sign Designer offers vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment for the Video Wall display. The feature is designed to perform fine-tune when there is minor difference introduced during installation. If there is a significant gap between screens, please adjust the physical installation instead.
1. To access the fine-tune adjustment, select Video Wall.
2. Click FINE TUNE to check the channel list. Then click the Video Wall display to have minor adjustment.
3. With FINE TUNE, the selected Video Wall display(s) can be micro-adjusted along the X and Y axis. Click Save to complete the adjustment. The unit of measurement is millimeter.

Note: For the fine-tune adjustment, the maximum number of Video Wall devices supported is four.