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X-Sign User Manual

In this section, we'll explain how to manage content in X-Sign, control the player, and set up playlists.

X-sign 2.0 / X-sign User manual / Player

USB autoplay

2020 / 08 / 24

X-Sign Player can read and play the media files in the root folder of USB. Only X-Sign Player (Android, iOS, Windows) version 2.6 and above support this function.
To use USB autoplay, switch to Standalone(USB) mode and open the toggle Plug in USB and play automatically.
  • Original: Standalone(USB) mode only supports the projects (.xplan) made and delivered by X- Sign Designer.

  • New: Besides the original feature, X-Sign player can read and play media files directly. There is no need to make and deliver projects through X-Sign Designer additionally. Be noted that the root folder of USB can’t contain .xplan. Otherwise X-Sign Player will play .xplan only.

  • Play Rules
  • Specific rules for BenQ Smart Signage

1. 811 platform (SL4302K, SL5502K, SL6502K): USB autoplay supports 4K videos.

2. Non-811 platform: USB autoplay doesn’t support 4K videos; special 4K is incompatible with USB autoplay.

Note: The codec limitation on each platform can be found on BenQ eSupport.