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X-Sign User Manual

In this section, we'll explain how to manage content in X-Sign, control the player, and set up playlists.

X-sign 2.0 / X-sign User manual / Player

Activating an Interactive function in Standalone mode

2020 / 08 / 24

Once you have purchased an Standalone Premium License, you can configure your device. The following is an introduction for activating an Interactive License in X-Sign Player.
To activate your Interactive License in X-Sign Player:
1. Select unpaired licenses, then click Mapping.
2. After mapping licenses, fill in the device name, then click Finish to complete pairing.
3. Open X-Sign Player, on the Standalone(USB) and Local Delivery mode, you can see that the device’s license has been paired.

Note: To play an interactive file via USB, you have to change Switch Mode back to Standalone(USB).