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Interactive Displays for Education

Displays designed for futureproof classrooms

The ongoing change in the educational landscape has created opportunities for educators to enhance the learning experience with better tools. At BenQ, we understand that in-class technology must be innovative to keep up with the evolving needs of today’s schools.

Maximize engagement both in and out of the classroom with interactive solutions created to improve student performance. Focus on giving lessons that leave an impact and give the leaders of tomorrow the tools they need to reach their maximum potential.

Active Learning

Engaged minds learn better. Adding interactivity to lessons can boost understanding and promote learning retention. Help students develop essential skills for the future by enabling them to actively participate in class and have more control of their own education.

Interactive Whiteboard

More than just a whiteboard, EZWrite allows students to annotate, discuss, and participate from their seats. It also lets you save class sessions to continue at a later time.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Empower students to wirelessly present their ideas in class. Using InstaShare, students can simultaneously cast their screens from their devices onto the interactive display.

Tap & Teach

Load your personal settings with a simple tap of your NFC card. Securely access lesson materials on Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.
*Available on the RP series.

Duo Windows

Make lessons more efficient and interesting by running two apps side by side with a whiteboard on one side and supporting content on the other.
*Available on the RP series.

Active Learning at UCL and Oxford University

Educators from University College London and the University of Oxford are using active learning teaching methodologies to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the real world. Interactive technology has proven to be one of the most powerful tools in increasing learning efficacy.

“I like how the interactive display incorporates technology into teaching in a subtle, non-disruptive manner…it allows me and my students to better focus on the topic at hand.”

— Dr. Ine Steenmans, UCL STEaPP

Distance Learning

Teach and learn without physical boundaries. Invest in technology that enables distance, hybrid, and active learning. Offer students a dynamic learning environment while providing educators versatile resources for teaching.

Remote Whiteboarding

Enhanced interactivity in any distance learning space. EZWrite lets students work together in real time on the same whiteboard from different locations.

Video Conferencing

Have students learn from home or invite a guest speaker to join remotely. Our interactive displays are compatible with your existing video conferencing software.

Learning Management System

With EZWrite’s Google Classroom integration, you can import lesson materials and invite students to a class. You can also use Canvas or other LMS solutions.

Student Response System

Transform your classroom with engaging learning tools. Use sticky notes or run game-based learning platforms like Kahoot! and Socrative on our displays.

Learning Never Stops

Are your classrooms futureproof enough to cushion the impacts of sudden disruptions to day-to-day education?

COVID-19 became the ultimate test of schools' operational resilience as it exposed just how many educational institutions across the globe did not have the necessary technologies needed to quickly shift to remote and hybrid modes of learning.

This ebook consolidates all the pertinent insights regarding the impact of the pandemic to schooling, how top institutions currently use technology to ensure learning continuity, and how blended and hybrid learning approaches can be applied for educational resiliency.


Create a healthy learning space for students and educators to actively engage and work together. BenQ’s ClassroomCareTM equips interactive displays with the protection necessary to foster education.

Prevent the spread of germs

Reduce disease transmission in the classroom with germ-resistant screens. All BenQ interactive displays have touchscreens coated with a nano-ionic silver formula that kills 99.9% of common germs upon contact.

A breath of fresh air

Poor indoor air quality negatively affects student health and performance. BenQ’s built-in air quality sensors allow you to monitor CO2 and PM2.5 levels in the classroom to help you regulate air flow accordingly and provide a healthy learning environment.

*Available on the RP series

Complete eye care solution

Increased screen time in the classroom shouldn't take a toll on the eyes. BenQ displays come with low blue light filters, flicker-free technology, and anti-glare screens for reduced eye strain and a comfortable viewing experience.

Calculate the cost of
transforming your school

Use the BenQ EdTech Calculator to get a quick cost estimate for your school transformation. By answering a brief series of questions, the interactive calculator will provide a free personalized equipment proposal for your digitalization efforts. Allocate resources for devices such as interactive displays, tablets, notebooks, document cameras, and other costs to the calculator as needed. Adjust the calculator to get the right balance of equipment, then download the final proposal in PDF format for approval.

Education Solutions

RP Series

The best enhanced interactive learning display


65” 75” 86”


4K UHD display

Germ-resistant screen

±1 mm touch accuracy

2 × 16W speakers + 15W subwoofer

Air quality sensors + NFC reader

Microphone array

RM Series

Blend smooth interactivity and premium student care


55” 65” 75” 86”



Germ-resistant screen

±1 mm touch accuracy

2 × 16W speakers



RE Series

All the essentials for today’s classrooms


65” 75” 86” 98”



Germ-resistant screen

±2 mm touch accuracy

2 × 15W speakers



Educational Resources

Hybrid Learning eBook

When it comes to instilling essential life skills, hybrid learning comes to the fore. Assess if your curriculum is on par with other institutions that have adopted these approaches.

UCL – Oxford University Active Learning Research Paper

Employers are now more inclined to hire people with 21st century skills. Are today’s universities equipping their graduates with the right know-how?

Exploring Different Learning Modes

How can schools adopt EdTech? BenQ developed a guide with sample scenarios to help match the technologies most suited to different learning modes.

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