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Student touching BenQ germ-resistant screen
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Healthier classrooms


BenQ ClassroomCare® solutions create additional layers of protection against health risks in the classroom. Educators can teach with confidence while their students learn actively and interact safely.

Healthier classrooms


BenQ ClassroomCare® solutions create additional layers of protection against health risks in the classroom. Educators can teach with confidence while their students learn actively and interact safely.

Safe to touch

Students can transfer germs through shared tools and surfaces. BenQ Boards help prevent disease transmission through its TÜV and SIAA-certified germ-resistant screens, interfaces, and pens.

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  • TÜV Rheinland Certified icon

Protection at all points of contact

Germs can be transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces. This is why BenQ was the first in the industry to offer germ-resistant interactive displays and peripherals. Our proprietary non-toxic antimicrobial coating, recognized by TÜV Rheinland, is 99.9% effective against common bacteria and other disease-causing germs, making our solutions safe to touch.

Learn how silver nanoparticles kill germs
  • Touch screen

  • Keypad cover and buttons

  • Pens and remote control

Clean air, always

Your classroom's air quality has a direct effect on learning. Maintaining low levels of CO₂ and pollutants keeps students alert, improves their cognitive ability, and protects their respiratory health.

Check. Ventilate. Breathe.

Equipped with specialized air quality sensors, BenQ Boards allow teachers and school administrators to take the necessary steps to improve the air quality inside their classrooms The built-in widget gives a real-time reading of their classroom’s air quality, while the DMS Dashboard shows the detailed summary over time.

CO₂ concentration levels shown on BenQ DMS
Air quality and weather widget on BenQ Board
  • BenQ ClassroomCare air quality sensor CO₂

    High levels of carbon dioxide may lead to sluggishness in class; it may also mean that the classroom has become too crowded.

  • BenQ ClassroomCare air quality sensor PM2.5 PM10

    When suspended in the air, particulate matter can be inhaled and cause allergies and other long-term respiratory problems.

  • BenQ ClassroomCare air quality sensor TVOC

    Prolonged inhalation of toxic volatile organic compounds from some paints and aerosols can lead to serious health issues.

  • BenQ ClassroomCare temperature and weather

    A classroom’s temperature and humidity affect the overall comfort and concentration of both students and teachers.

Air ionizer

Premium BenQ Boards come with an ionizer that releases negative ions, which help purify the air by decreasing the amount of inhalable suspended particles.

Air ionizer

Easy on the eyes

Staring at screens for long periods of time may cause eye strain. BenQ education displays have built-in eye care technologies have been certified by both TÜV and Eyesafe to protect the eyesight of our users.

  • eyesafe Certified icon

    Our Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 screens reduce high energy blue light and maintain optimal color performance.

    View Eyesafe certificate
  • TÜV Rheinland Certified icon

    BenQ Boards’ low blue light and flicker-free technologies have passed thorough testing by TÜV Rheinland

    View TÜV test report

See the difference

Compared to traditional touchscreens for classrooms, BenQ Boards for education have multiple layers of hardware and software features designed to safeguard the vision of teachers and students as they use our displays during classes.

Low blue light icon

Low blue light

Blue light is known to cause eye strain and other long-term eye conditions. Our filter and Eyesafe Certified 2.0 screen effectively reduce blue light’s harmful effects.

BenQ low blue light vs regular blue light
Flicker-free icon


Displays with low refresh rates often flicker, causing dizziness and eye strain during class. BenQ’s flicker-free displays eliminates this issue, guaranteeing smooth visuals every time.

BenQ flicker-free screen vs regular screen
Anti-glare icon


When using displays for teaching, it’s important for on-screen details to be visible. BenQ’s anti-glare screens significantly reduces glare even under bright lighting conditions.

BenQ anti-glare screen vs regular screen
4K UHD icon

4K UHD clarity

Low resolution screens affect the quality of images, videos, and presentations for class. BenQ’s 4K displays ensure that teaching materials are always shown in vivid detail.

BenQ 4K UHD screen vs regular screen

Solutions for healthier classrooms

BenQ Board Pro | RP02

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BenQ Board Master | RM03

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BenQ Board Essential | RE01

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Success Stories

Jeong-yul Academy
Kwak Jeong-yul, founder of the Jeong-yul Academy
"BenQ displays create a favorable learning environment."

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  • What is ClassroomCare?

    BenQ ClassroomCare® solutions create additional layers of protection against health risks in the classroom. Educators can teach with confidence while their students learn actively and interact safely.

  • What is Eyesafe® Certification 2.0?

    Eyesafe Certification 2.0 is the latest standard for low blue light management. Compared to other low blue light solutions, Eyesafe Certified 2.0 displays reduce high-energy blue light while maintaining color accuracy.

  • Are the BenQ Board's ClassroomCare solutions tested and certified?

    Yes. The BenQ Board has been tested and certified for its germ-resistant (TÜV Rheinland and SIAA) and eye care (TÜV and Eyesafe) features.

  • What does the BenQ Board's air quality sensors do?

    The BenQ Board's sensors and widgets provide timely indoor air quality information. You can monitor your classroom's temperature and humidity, as well as CO₂ and PM₂.₅ levels, so you can adjust your classroom's ventilation accordingly.

  • What is an air ionizer?

    An air ionizer is a device that releases negative ions, which latch onto floating particles in the air, weigh them down, and make them easier to clean up.

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