EZWrite 6 whiteboard software session on interactive BenQ Board display, laptop, and tablet

Whiteboard together​

EZWrite is an interactive canvas that makes lessons more immersive and engaging for the whole class. Use the whiteboard to develop ideas together for any subject, using any device, and from any location.​

  • Student interacting with EZWrite 6 whiteboard software on BenQ Board display

    Explore together

    Multiple touch support​

  • Same whiteboard session open on BenQ Board interactive display and laptop

    Work together

    Cloud whiteboarding

  • Remote cloud whiteboard session open on BenQ Board interactive display and laptop at home

    Learn together

    Remote learning

Extend your classroom

Cloud whiteboarding lets students join the session from their seats or even from home. Remote students can use the whiteboard as if they were right on the display.​

Student seeing whiteboard on laptop in realtime while teacher writes on the BenQ Board interactive display

Boundless space for learning

The scalable whiteboard lets you zoom in on important details, zoom out for the whole picture, and add more pages as needed. Every participant can independently navigate the whiteboard at their own pace.​

Teacher interacting with science image on interactive display using BenQ EZWrite 6 whiteboard software

Better whiteboard for better lessons​

Whether you’re writing, drawing, inserting text, or adding images, EZWrite comes with all the tools you need to get the exact result you want. ​

  • Pens and highlighters circling a word on EZWrite 6 interactive whiteboard software

    Better pens & highlighters​

    Choose between pens and highlighters of various sizes in any color possible for flexible writing, drawing, and annotation. ​

  • Eraser erasing a number on EZWrite 6 interactive whiteboard software

    Better erasers​

    Erase content in three intuitive ways: using your hand as an eraser, striking through objects, or clearing the entire page.​

  • Text box being used to type a word on EZWrite 6 interactive whiteboard software

    Better text​

    Add text and URLs to the whiteboard by typing or using the handwriting recognition feature. Quickly share ideas with sticky notes.​

  • Team Post tool splits whiteboard into 2 to let students draw chemical structures on both sides

    Team activities

    Split the screen to let multiple students work on the board at the same time. Use the scoreboard and timer to hold competitions and liven up your sessions. ​

  • Protractor tool being used on a diagram of moon phases on interactive whiteboard software

    Math tools

    From a protractor, compass, and ruler to a calculator and editable geometric shapes, all the tools you need for math classes are already in the EZWrite toolbox.​

  • Template of soccer field being used to draw game strategy on BenQ Board interactive display


    Choose from a wide variety of backgrounds and templates specially designed to make it easier for teachers to give effective lessons on different subjects.​

  • Document camera feed being shown on interactive whiteboard software while writing on board

    Camera feed

    Connect a document camera to share textbook pages, student work, and other physical material. Show a live feed, freeze the frame, and take screenshots.​

A whiteboard that works in your world​

Teach the way you’re used to with EZWrite. You can import Microsoft Office and PDF files into your session then save the lesson in a variety of formats.​

Smooth end-to-end user experience​

EZWrite provides a consistent experience across all devices. Prepare content on your computer, present from any BenQ display, and share the session to allow remote participation.​

Join from any device

Start sessions on the BenQ Board and join from your personal device. EZWrite 6 runs seamlessly on Android and Windows devices, as well as Mac, iPad, and Chromebook browsers.​

Student scanning QR code on interactive display with tablet to join the whiteboard remotely

Tap and teach

Save time by opening the EZWrite whiteboard with a quick tap of the pen. With NFC support, you can also access your cloud storage to load lesson materials.​

Scanning NFC pen on BenQ Board interactive display NFC sensor to start whiteboard session
BenQ Board interactive display icon Mouse icon Keyboard icon

Whiteboard your way

Intuitively write, move objects, and navigate the canvas with your fingers on touch devices. When on a laptop, you can use a keyboard and mouse to freely edit whiteboard content.​

Two young students drawing and writing at the same time on the interactive whiteboard

Success stories

  • Which file formats does EZWrite 6 support?

    You can import or export lessons in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF format to teach with and make notes on during class. You can also import SMART Notebook and other IWB files to edit in EZWrite.​

    Learn more
  • What's the difference between EZWrite Web and EZWrite cloud whiteboarding?

    EZWrite 6 has three types of platforms, one of which is EZWrite 6 Web, a web-based platform.
    Cloud whiteboarding is a fuction in EZWrite 6 which allows users to to work together from different locations in real time using EZWrite 6 Android, EZWrite 6 Web, and EZWrite 6 Windows.

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