BenQ World’s First Pantone Validated  Signage

Pantone Validated Smart Signage Series

Meet the experts

Some of the world’s top photographers and visual artists use the Pantone Validated BenQ SL series to bring out the best in their work. View their portfolios and see how they are able to utilize their BenQ displays to improve their workflows and showcase their art.

Alex Cearns

Animal photographer Perth, Australia

Joshua Holko

Nature photographer Melbourne, Australia

Robert Hranitzky

Motion graphic designer Munich, Germany

Art Suwansang

Wedding photographer California, USA

World’s First and Only Pantone-Validated Digital Signage
Gets the Entire Message Across

BenQ provides your space with the first professional display to feature Pantone validation. Color accuracy makes a considerable difference in getting the right message across. For the best results, Pantone validated displays go a long way.

Pantone mode of BenQ SL digital signage providing100% end-to-end color fidelity and  consistency

Optimal Color Precision Highlights Every Moment

BenQ Pantone Validated  Signage Portrait and Landscape Mode

Effective, Reliable Communication in Every Setting

BenQ Pantone Validated  Signage Manage Devices Efficiently

Management Simplified

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