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X-Sign User Manual

In this section, we'll explain how to manage content in X-Sign, control the player, and set up playlists.

X-sign 2.0 / X-sign User manual / Designer

Setting a weather widget

2020 / 08 / 24

1. In X-Sign Designer, click on the icon to add a weather widget, and you will be prompted to place the weather widget.
2. Click on the icon to add more weather widgets. You can drag the weather widget anywhere in the template.
3. You may set the properties of each weather widget. You can set the title layout, text color, and background color.

4. You can also change the display format.
5. To set the city, first identify the city in the device management section of the online X-Sign Manager. You can check Sync with X-Sign Manager to sync the city information with the device on X-Sign Manager, or you can check Manually Select to select the city yourself.