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Recommended Movies and TV Shows for Blu-ray and Streaming (updated)


Here at BenQ we don’t just make display devices that help people enjoy films, TV shows, and much more, we also love watching such content ourselves. Who doesn’t? There’s so much to choose from now, with many streaming services and of course Blu-ray discs for those who prefer physical copies. We decided to pool together our regular content recommendations and put them here in this portal, which covers releases new and old. Our favorite way to watch content now is in 4K Ultra HD and with HDR whenever possible because that’s currently the highest-fidelity available until 8K becomes mainstream (there’s currently no content in 8K). Also, streaming services increasingly focus on 4K material, which is great, because the higher the resolution, the better for people who enjoy big-screen home cinema. 

What You Need for Your Setup

To enjoy movies and TV shows in the best possible way, which is 4K HDR if available, there are several components to keep in mind. Of course, the first one is a true 4K HDR home cinema projector. That means a projector with real 3840 x 2160 output or 8.3 million pixels. And the brightness to support HDR, or high dynamic range. Once you have such a projector, we recommend getting a good screen for the optimal experience. Certainly, you can project onto a wall, but it’s not the same. By the way, if you prefer a 4K TV we don’t mind, and please feel free to still visit this portal. But we do think projectors are more appropriate for that genuine big screen, cinematic feeling.


You should also get a dedicated 4K HDR Blu-ray player from a reliable brand. While game consoles like Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PS5 have 4K ultra HD Blu-ray drives, they’re not as capable as dedicated players. A dedicated player also offers the benefit of accurately upscaling 1080p Blu-rays and to some extent even 480p DVDs. The latter won’t look anywhere as good as the former, but will still appear respectable even on a very large screen.


All you need then is to finish up your viewing environment with comfortable seating and accoutrements like a popcorn maker or soda machine. Take a look at this how-to from Apartment Guide for lots of useful info on all that. 

Tune in for Regular Additions

We’re always watching and re-watching movies and shows, and adding more articles and recommendations to this repository. Thus, checking in regularly can offer you lots of ideas on what to watch next, if you’d like suggestions.



Goliath Season Four on Prime Video Offers a 4K Buffet of Sights and Ideas (2021/12 updated)

We recommend one of the most overlooked shows on any streaming service, the excellent Goliath on Prime Video. Not only do its four seasons tell distinct and interesting stories, but its spectacular 4K visuals are something to behold. Read more...

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Flows in Big Screen 4K (2021/11 updated)

In winter 2021 we were extra active, re-watching classics like the 1984 release of David Lynch’s Dune. That was just in time for the successful release of the 2021 version by Denis Villeneuve, which went on to rule box offices around the world. Stunning cinematography and effects create an experience that begs to be enjoyed in full 4K HDR glory on as big a screen as you can find. We do have some thoughts on this movie as Dune fans, so tune in if you have a few minutes.  Read more...

David Lynch’s Dune an Oasis of Cinematic Splendor (2021/10 updated)

Released in 1984 and directed by David Lynch, Dune offers a gorgeous, surreal, but controversial take on the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert. Regardless, if you appreciate good movies via home cinema, it’s more than worth a look. Read more...

We hope you join us as we continue to explore, discover, and appreciate lots more great 4K Ultra HD or HD movies, TV shows, and perhaps other types of content like documentaries. Thanks! 

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