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Ceiling Projector
Laid Back Movie Night from Floor to Ceiling

From room to room, get a big screen experience on any wall or ceiling in your home. BenQ portable ceiling projectors offer an incredible range of projection angles for greater flexibility to elevate your viewing experience.

$549 $349

∎ 720p
∎ 16W 2.1CH Speaker
∎ Google-certified Android TV
∎ 3.53lb/1.6kg


∎ 1080p High Resolution
∎ Preloaded with Android TV and Netflix
∎ Display and Charging for Nintendo® Switch
∎ Charged from a USB-C power bank

Perfect Viewing from Every Angle!
Your Personal Home Theater

From your wall to your ceiling, BenQ portable projectors give you an incredibly flexible viewing experience to watch from any angle. Our 2.1-ch audio has an extra powerful bass-driven subwoofer that fills up the room. big spaces with top-quality audio for everything you watch. The projector can also function as a Bluetooth speaker to amplify entertainment!

Easy to Rotate

Easily Rotate to Change the Projection Angle

Auto Focus & Vertical Keystone Capabilities

Brilliant Colors From 80" to 100"

Deep Impactful Bass



Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Casting

See Experts Review Ceiling Projector


BenQ GV31 Review: The BEST Portable Projector! (Use It Anywhere)

Been a while since I reviewed a projector, but this one is honestly so easy to use & set up it was definitely worth a dedicated video 👍 What should I watch on it?? 🎥

FishBee Amazon Reviews

BenQ GV31 - BEST 1080p Portable Projector?

1080p LED Portable Ceiling Projector with Rotating Angle Projection | 16W 270˚ Bass Wireless Speaker | Android TV with Netflix | Chromecast & AirPlay | Autofocus & 1D Keystone | HDMI | USB-C

Anne Stedman

BenQ GV31 Is Hands Down The Best Portable Projector Around

BenQ GV31 is a perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list. Get one today! This is literally a portable tv that you can take anywhere you want.

See What Ceiling Projector Owners Say

Get my dinner, then comfortably lie on my bed and binge-watch a Netflix show.

BenQ Ceiling Projector Buyer

The size is small and very convenient. One of the features I like is the sound. It surprised me that it comes out from such a small projector.

BenQ Ceiling Projector Buyer

The image quality is excellent, providing an enjoyable experience for watching movies and playing video games. I use it in my apartment and can easily move it from room to room without requiring a screen.

BenQ Ceiling Projector Buyer

Change Angles, Change Worlds