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#Missing Gadget of Setup

The Perfect Desktop Lighting for your Setup

Speaking of a desk setup, what comes to your mind? Monitors, speakers, keyboards, adjustable desks, and ergonomic chairs are elements you may easily think of.

However, have you ever thought of the lighting?

As part of the world-leading technology and solutions provider, BenQ has long contributed to offering high-quality tech products to upgrade workspaces and life. Lighting, monitors, and all kinds of desk setup accessories are important pieces to us.

Now we'd like to invite you to put together the last piece of the desk setup, BenQ monitor light bar, a must-have gadget that not only improves the ergonomics but also enhances the aesthetics of your desk setup.

To optimize your workspace, improving lighting provide you a magic touch of mood and energy
So, Let share your ideal of desk set up with BenQ Lightening to win our prize!
To win BenQ Lighting’s products:

Take a photo of your desk setup


  • Upload your photo with BenQ      monitor light bar on Instagram
         and made it public
  • Include the hastag      #missinggadgetofsetup #BenQ
  • Tag @benq_lighting
  • Copy the post link

  • Paste the post link
  • Fill in the basic information

    One lucky winner will be randomly picked on the 20th of each month and get a BenQ Lighting product of their choice. The winner will be informed via the email


    *This event is only open to North America residents.

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    Find your perfect monitor light bar with us

    Your desk setup profoundly influences more aspects of your productivity than you might imagine  

    Best Monitor Light Bars


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