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ideaCam S1 Pro


ideaCam S1

Visualize, Share, Convey Your Ideas

Watch Video

ideaCam S1

Visualize, Share, Convey Your Ideas

Watch Video

All-In-One Webcam, Seamless Switch to Document Camera

With auto-rotation and autofocus, you can easily demonstrate sketches,materials ,and prototypes.

4K webcam switch to document camera.Video camera with auto-rotation & autofocus
  • web camera with auto rotation

    Auto Rotate

    Built-in smart sensor offers automatic camera detection, providing portrait, desk view, and handheld modes.

  • web camera with smart focus function

    Smart Focus

    ideaCam will automatically change the focus mode in the desk view mode to display documents more clearly.

    *This function requires BenQ EnSpire support.

  • High performance webcam with portrait mode and instant demonstration

    Dual Image Style

    Auto-switch image styles. Portrait mode for video conferences, Instant demonstration for objects shooting.

Reveal Details you never seen

Reveal Details you never seen

Zoom in for Incredible Detail

Magnify amazing details with Ideacam's 15x zoom glass lens. Explore textures, materials, printing, and gaps for inspiration. Enhance clarity and improve communication effortlessly.

Webcams with zoom lens to enhance clarity and online communication

The ultimate all-in-one solution

Unite webcam, document camera, and microscope capabilities in one PC camera. Experience stunning image quality with an 8M Sony Sensor and AI Noise-canceling Microphone.

Say Goodbye to Background Noise

ideaCam built-in microphone with AI noise canceling ensuring your voice is heard with clarity conversation during online meetings.

Webcams with AI noise canceling for clear conversation during zoom meeting

Powered by Sony Sensor

Share the details with the 8 Megapixel Sony COMS Image Sensor

Webcam with 8-megapixel Sony CMOS image sensor

Smart Exposure. Always Looks Great

With features auto exposure and auto white balance, ideaCam ensures your video conferences look more professional than ever.

Release your Webcam’s Productivity with BenQ EnSpire

From online meetings to offline idea recordings.BenQ EnSpire is a powerful presentation tool that works seamlessly on popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Skype.

deskview webcam, desktop camera, webcam for monitor
hd webcam with handheld mode and zoom lens ruler for object shooting
  • BenQ webcam with wireless remote control puck. BenQ software for ideaCam
  • ideacam Freeze Button for freeze image or pause image

Plug and play,Easy to setup

The Best Webcam for Instant Demonstrations:
A New Way to Deliver Information During Online Communication.

Easy setup plug and play webcam with tripod, attachable to laptop
  • BenQ ideaCam Pro seamlessly integrates with all BenQ Monitors for enhanced compatibility.

    ideaCam fits with all BenQ Monitors

    ideaCam mounts seamlessly on various monitors, including BenQ monitors and curved models, with a thickness of 1~7.5cm

  • Versatile document camera with universal tripod compatibility.

    Ready for Tripod

    ideaCam provides a 1/4-inch tripod hole that is compatible with a universal tripod and can be used as a document camera.

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    • Maximum Still Image Resolution

      • 3264x2448

      • 3264x2448

    • Remote Controller

      • 1

    • 15X Magnifying Lens

      • 1

      • 1

    • Microphone

      • Digital-microphone

      • Digital-microphone

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  • What are the recommended computer hardware specifications for EnSpire?

    ideaCam is a standard UVC device, and can be used in teleconferences or image presentations. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chromebook native apps. Since EnSpire is compatible with specific web cameras and operating systems, it enhances general user experience and it is capable of image freeze, zoom in/out, and note adding capabilities.If you wish to use EnSpire to record in 1080p or above, then the following specifications are highly recommended:1. WindowsCPU: 6th gen Intel Core i7 processor or aboveGPU: Intel HD Graphics 530 or above or a discrete graphics card.RAM: 16GB2. MacOSMacBook Pro (2019)MacBook Air(2019)iMac (2019)

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  • Does EnSpire support image settings and focus on Mac ?

    Currently no. However, these may be added to the next EnSpire version.

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  • Can the camera record the whole screen?

    Enspire can perform recording. Recorded content will mainly be what is showing on the Enspire platform. Enspire images can be either directly from a camera shot or from the browser tab.However, if you would like to record additional image content, for example the whole screen or a PowerPoint presentation, then it is strongly recommended you use dedicated recording software installed directly on your computer.

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  • Does Enspire support an image freeze function?

    Not currently, but this may be added to a future version of EnSpire.

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