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Advance Product Inspection with Live Demo Webcam

Explore intricate details with 15X zoom and adaptable viewing modes,
ideal for showcasing quality control and ensuring rigorous product testing in real-time.

Handheld Mode With 15X Zoom

Optimize your product inspection processes with ideaCam's 15x zoom and handheld mode, providing unparalleled clarity for detailed evaluations. Ensure every aspect of your products meets rigorous quality standards, allowing you to showcase every nuance effortlessly.

Auto-Switch & Wide Desk View

Experience the clarity and precision of our Wide Desk View, ideal for showcasing product details during inspections. This feature ensures a comprehensive, top-down perspective that highlights every aspect of product quality, facilitating effective demonstrations and thorough evaluations.

Zoom in for Incredible Detail

Magnify amazing details with Ideacam's 15x zoom glass lens. Explore textures, materials, printing, and gaps for inspiration. Enhance clarity and improve communication effortlessly.

The Ultimate Live Demo Solution

Unite webcam, document camera, and microscope capabilities in one PC camera. Experience stunning image quality with an 8M Sony Sensor and AI Noise-canceling Microphone.

Say Goodbye to Background Noise

ideaCam built-in microphone with AI noise canceling ensuring your voice is heard with clarity conversation during online meetings.

Powered by Sony Sensor

Share the details with the 8 Megapixel Sony COMS Image Sensor.

*Low-Lux environments not supported.

Smart Exposure. Always Looks Great

With features auto exposure and auto white balance, ideaCam ensures your video conferences look more professional than ever.

Release your Webcam’s Productivity with BenQ EnSpire

From online meetings to offline idea recordings.BenQ EnSpire is a powerful presentation tool that works seamlessly on popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Skype.

Freeze/Ring Light

Instantly capturing important details and enhancing image clarity.

Plug and Play, Easy to Setup

The Best Webcam for Instant Demonstrations: A New Way to Deliver Information During Online Communication.

ideaCam fits with all BenQ Monitors

ideaCam mounts seamlessly on various monitors, including BenQ monitors and curved models, with a thickness of 1~7.5cm

ideaCam AEM
Ready for Tripod

ideaCam provides a 1/4-inch tripod hole that is compatible with a universal tripod and can be used as a document camera.