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How Can a Multimode Webcam Benefit Professional Users?


Most laptops and modern monitors come with integrated webcams. While these built-in webcams may be more convenient to use, they tend to underperform in professional settings, where external webcams do have several advantages. The option that works best for you largely depends on how you intend to use the device and for what purpose.

If you’re primarily involved in standard video conferencing and prioritize convenience and portability, a built-in webcam may suffice. However, if you require higher video quality, adjustability, and versatility for professional work or content creation, investing in a standalone webcam is a wise decision. Recognizing this need, BenQ has introduced a multimode webcam, aiming to offer productivity and versatility in one convenient product. Check the reasons below to find out how you can benefit from BenQ ideaCam.

Diverse Shooting Modes

A multimode webcam offers users a seamless show-and-tell experience when sharing non-digital content during presentations, classes, conference calls, and live streams. This is made possible by its multiple shooting modes.

BenQ ideaCam is a versatile webcam that offers portrait, desk view, and handheld modes, seamlessly switching from webcam to document camera in just a second. It simplifies presenting materials on your desktop, making it easy and convenient.
Portrait Mode

This mode is perfect for video conferencing. It ensures that you are captured in the best light, providing a clear and professional image for virtual meetings. As a professional, you can project confidence and competence, even when working remotely.

Deskview Mode

Tilt the camera downward to unveil your workspace. This mode is a game-changer for educators creating lessons, professionals conducting presentations, or content creators showcasing their work. It allows you to effortlessly demonstrate what’s happening on your desk, be it one of your projects, designs, or documents, making your virtual interactions more informative.

Handheld Mode

Sometimes, you need to move around to provide dynamic perspectives. Detach ideaCam from its mount and hold it in your hand. Whether you're presenting a product, offering a virtual tour, or simply want to add a professional touch to your frame, this mode gives you the flexibility to explore various angles and viewpoints.

Macro Mode

For tasks requiring precision and close-ups, the macro mode shines. Professionals in fields like design, engineering, or even jewelry-making can benefit greatly from this mode. By attaching the 15x macro lens to the camera, you can capture intricate details with unparalleled clarity, ensuring that your work is displayed in all its glory.

Multimode Webcam vs. Standard Webcam

Now, let's take a moment to compare a multimode webcam to a standard webcam. While both serve the purpose of capturing and streaming video content, there are notable differences that make the multimode webcam a superior choice for professionals.


Standard webcams are designed primarily for video conferencing and they offer limited adaptability for other scenarios. In contrast, a multimode webcam is versatile, with multiple shooting modes that cater to a wide range of applications that go from presentations to close-up demonstrations.


Multimode webcams often provide higher resolution and better image quality than standard webcams. This enhanced clarity is crucial for professionals who need to focus on intricate details or maintain a professional appearance during virtual meetings.


When it comes to engaging your audience or students, a multimode webcam's ability to switch between shooting modes is a breakthrough. Standard webcams lack this versatility, posing a challenge in maintaining the same level of attention during presentations.


For professionals who require close-ups and precision shots, a multimode webcam's macro mode is unmatched. Standard webcams struggle to capture fine details with the same level of clarity and sharpness.

Made with Professionals in Mind

The versatility of a multimode webcam extends its value far beyond basic video conferencing, making it a desirable option for professionals across various industries.


Designers such as product designers, industrial designers, and other creative professionals can all leverage a multimode webcam to communicate their ideas more effectively while sharing and demonstrating sketches, materials, and prototypes. This facilitates seamless collaboration and enhances the clarity of their creative briefs.


Thanks to ideaCam’s Deskview Mode, Eeducators can create more engaging online lessons by sharing non-digital teaching materials, rather than just lecturing., This approach offers offering students a clear view of notes, experiments, or artistic creations,. This interactive approach fosterings a better learning experience as they become actively involved and can gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Content Creation

Content creators can produce attention-grabbing videos, whether it's a jewelry-making tutorial in a workshop, an art demonstration in the studio, or a product review in the office. Multimode webcams offer flexibility and adaptability in various environments.

Remote Workers

Those working remotely can maintain a strong online presence during virtual meetings, ensuring their ideas are communicated effectively. With the versatility to switch between modes, they can seamlessly transition from discussing projects to showcasing documents or products.


For product designers, educators, content creators, or professionals in general who engage in creative collaborations and share non-digital content during video calls, a multimode webcam is the ideal choice.

BenQ ideaCam fits right in, as users are finally no longer limited by standard webcams and their rigid setups, which used to require them to rely on multiple products or learn complex production processes. BenQ ideaCam was created to overcome these hurdles, enabling a captivating show-and-tell experience.


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