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Collaborating from a Distance: Best Webcam for Product Designers in Remote Teams

Collaboration is at the heart of every product designer's work

Collaboration is at the heart of every product designer's work. To create exceptional products, we must work closely with other professionals such as developers, managers, and marketers. Successful product design collaboration requires a shared understanding of the product among team members. That's why we've developed a demonstration webcam designed for professionals. This webcam allows us to work remotely as if we were in the office, expanding our creativity and knowledge through virtual meetings and online workshops.

In this article, we will explore three scenarios that demonstrate how BenQ demonstration webcam can help product teams collaborate more smoothly, regardless of the roles involved.

Essential Product Team Roles

The product development team is composed of various roles, such as product marketing, product management, product engineering, product operations, project management, and innovation. The team's primary responsibility is to ensure that the product is headed in the right direction and that a common goal is achieved. The team's structure can vary depending on the type of organization and the nature of the product being developed.

Our product team comprises several different roles, including the product owner, business analyst, UX/UI designers, industrial designer, mechanical engineer, and quality manager. Due to the nature of our work, we frequently hold video conferences to discuss issues, explain concepts, and make decisions. The remote nature of our work can be challenging since we often have to present product designs in various development stages. For smooth collaboration, we suggest using BenQ ideaCam, a versatile webcam with features like portrait mode, desk view mode, and handheld mode for macro photography.

How to Use ideaCam for Seamless Product Design Collaboration in Virtual Meetings

From generating concepts, specifications, detailed designs, and prototypes to developing a fully realized product ready for manufacture, ideaCam allows for real-time collaboration and visualization of hardware product designs in virtual meetings. After interviewing three different roles in our product design team, we have compiled some user scenarios on how to use ideaCam for seamless product design collaboration in virtual meetings.

Scenario #1: Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Jackey: ideaCam is an incredibly useful tool for me to conduct virtual meetings with my team members and suppliers, allowing us to review designs and get instant feedback. It has proven to be valuable throughout the entire process, from design to manufacturing and onto the market. With ideaCam, I can easily identify any issues and make necessary changes during the meeting, ensuring that we are always on the same page.

One of the best features of ideaCam is the ability to demonstrate the mold and prototype from any angle. Whether I'm presenting to my team or discussing details with suppliers, I can use Deskview mode to orient the webcam on my desk. The integrated sensor automatically flips the image, so the object is always seen correctly. Additionally, the Hand-Held mode is perfect for when I need to remove the webcam from its magnetic housing to use it by hand and frame the structure of the prototype. The magnifier also allows for really detailed enlargements should the need arise; even surface finishes can be seen clearly.

In addition to ideaCam, BenQ EnSpire application has been incredibly helpful for screen sharing. I can annotate while sharing my screen and save the annotations automatically on my computer. This feature has proven to be extremely valuable, allowing me to easily collaborate with my team and suppliers.

Scenario #2: Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer

Jimmy: As an industrial designer, it is crucial for me to ensure that a product, from its conceptualization to its final design for production, is flawless. This involves constant communication with different teams and clients. Fortunately, I have a reliable everyday tool - ideaCam - that I regularly use in video conferencing. The camera's image quality is always crystal clear, even in low light conditions, and the microphone's automatic noise cancellation ensures that other participants can hear me without any background noise.

The Deskview mode is a real game-changer for me as it enables me to stream or record an analysis of sketches with absolute ease. Additionally, using the Hand-Held mode, I can quickly focus the frame exactly where I want it, which is a significant advantage. Finally, the integrated magnetic magnifier allows me to conduct a quality analysis of my sketches, making the online communication experience with my clients even more seamless.

Scenario #3 Quality Manager

Quality Manager

Judy: As a product quality manager, my top priority is to guarantee that all products meet the highest quality standards. That's why I find ideaCam's built-in ring light, 15X magnifier, and EnSpire’s measurement tool particularly useful. With this tool, I can enlarge even the smallest details of a product and precisely measure its components. This helps me ensure that the product components are accurately aligned, and the die placement is in line with the guidelines. The active alignment of the product components, along with precise die placement, is crucial for maintaining the product's quality and functionality. Using ideaCam, I can perform these tasks with ease and precision, making it an invaluable tool in my work.


ideaCam offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience for remote teams and product designers. With its advanced features such as Deskview mode, Hand-Held mode, and the 15X magnifier and measurement tool, ideaCam enables real-time collaboration and visualization of hardware product designs in virtual meetings. By using ideaCam, you can work seamlessly with team members regardless of location, save time, increase productivity and reduce communication barriers. If you're searching for a top-notch webcam to enhance your remote collaboration experience, then ideaCam is the perfect choice for you!


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