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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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Gaming on a Projector: Unleash the Full Beauty of Your Games

Creating an immersive gaming experience is the goal for every gamer out there, aiming to have the ideal game room, space, or setup to enjoy every aspect of video games. At BenQ, we strive to provide the best gaming experience with 4K visuals, vivid true-to-life colors, captivating audio, and crisp details enhanced by CinematicColor and CinematicSound technology.


In this article, you’ll learn about each of the X-Series Gaming Projectors, what space they work best in, and which one is the right option for you.



Why Do You Need a X-Series Gaming Projector?

Great gaming on a projector requires more than screen size and input lag reduction. BenQ knows that and more. We also know that detail creates true immersion. With a strong grasp of what gamers really care about, we commit ourselves to delivering unparalleled sensory impact and breathtaking moments throughout your gaming odyssey. On a projector, you can have experience content on the big screen in your own home with high-quality images projecting up to a 120in screen. Additionally, on a gaming projector you’ll get big screen quality with low input lag, accurate colors, and crisp details with HDR Pro technology.


The X-Series Gaming Projectors are three, fully immersive 4K BenQ gaming projectors that allow you to build your dream game cave, transform your bedroom/living space into a gaming space, or create a gaming station anywhere. These three detailed projectors are the X3100i, the X500i, and the X300G, all of which feature gaming-inspired designs that distinguishes them from othersture and save the Sparkle Theater. This projector is the perfect partner for the Switch with its easy connectivity, vivid colors, and convenient setup capabilities. 

Jeffrey Hsieh, Director of Consumer Projectors at BenQ, states, “With the fact that we see more console game companies making cinematic AAA open-world games and the ongoing efforts that game console companies improving hardware designs to support it, BenQ continuously enhances every design detail with our CinematicColor and HDR-PRO technologies in the latest X-series gaming projectors. From story-rich RPG games to immersive racing games, the X3100i, X500i, and X300G are made for gaming with specific game modes to maximize console gamers’ in-game experience. No matter if they want to build a new dream game cave, or transform the existing game room to the new immersive gaming space, or create a premium gaming station everywhere with friends and families, all new X-series gaming projectors are available to choose to level up their gaming projector rooms.”


Each projector has customized visual and audio tuning for different game genres to deliver a better gaming experience and enhance your sensory immersion. Auto Game Mode effortlessly identifies Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch console inputs to instantly recall your previous game mode settings without the hassle of reinputting them each time. If you’d like to test out different picture settings, BenQ also offers SettingXchange, where you can download projector image settings from other gamers, or share your own settings. Powered by Google-licensed Android TV, each projector offers a vast online media library, enabling you to indulge in true 4K content streaming from platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime


While maintaining these same features, each projector brings something unique to create full-game immersion. Experience gaming like never before and learn all about the three X-Series Gaming Projectors below.


No Matter Where You Game, BenQ Has an Option For You

Each X-Series Gaming Projector offers a fully immersive, detailed, vivid gaming experience for each console and game you play. Selecting the best gaming projector for you depends on the type of setup/space you have available and what type of gaming you enjoy.

  • The X3100i is the ultimate unit for big, open-world games that take you on a journey into another universe. Enjoy thrilling adventures, such as Final Fantasy VII or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with vivid details, vibrant colors, and crisp sound. Build the game room of your dreams.
  • The X500i creates the ideal, balanced gaming experience for every type of game with any console. Enjoy epic adventures, heart-pounding action, and multi-player game nights with stunning visuals and audio. Transform any room into a gaming space.
  • The X300G is perfect for game nights with family, friends, or cozy gaming in the comfort of your bedroom. Enjoy fun games, such as Super Mario Bros. Wonder or the Legend of Zelda, with this perfect partner for the Switch with simple connectivity and flexible setup. Create the ideal gaming space anywhere. 

Embark on a journey into the adventures of open-world gaming, challenge friends to competitions, or enjoy time to yourself with games that help you unwind on a X-Series Gaming Projector today!



How you build your game room usually revolves around the device being used to play the games on and the space available. With the X3100i, however, you can project an image of up to 200in to bring every game to life in your gaming room. Open-world Triple-A games come to life, regardless of the screen size or wall you project on, without losing a single detail. Everything from the locations on the map, to the weapons inventory, to the crisp details of the land can be seen in vibrant colors that make you feel as though you’re in the world of the game itself. When you’re setting up your game room, don’t miss the opportunity to create a fully immersive and cinematic experience with the X3100i.

The X3100i is a 4K UHD 3300lm gaming projector that covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color space and has a low input lag of just 4.16ms. It has four dedicated game modes, RPG/SPG/FPS/RCG, and is the ultimate option to build your game room. With vertical lens shift, a throw ratio of 1.15-1.5, and 1.3x zoom, it provides installation flexibility and fits effortlessly into your space. Regardless of being ceiling mounted or placed in a fixed position, every feeling you get while gaming normally is enhanced. Step into a world of gaming luxury provided by the X3100i gaming projector, designed to help you build your ultimate gaming haven.



If you can’t dedicate an entire room for a game room, but want to be able to transform your living space into a game zone with ease, the X500i is the projector to do it with. Able to project an image up to 150in, you can easily project onto a blank wall or pop-up a screen of varying sizes to quickly create a space for gaming. Experience immersive, open-world gaming with vibrant details and crisp colors or share the gaming experience with friends and family with multiplayer or fighting games. If you’re looking for a way to expand your gaming experience without dedicating an entire room to it, the X500i is the perfect option.

The X500i is a short throw 4K UHD 2200lm gaming projector that covers 84% of the DCI-P3 color space and has a low input lag of just 4.16ms. It has three dedicated game modes, RPG/SPG/FPS, and is the perfect choice for gaming in your living space. With a throw ratio of 0.69-0.83, the X500i can project a 100” image from just 5ft away, this provides flexible projection in a confined area or room. Effortlessly transform your bedroom or small living room into a gaming space with the X500i immersive gaming projector, perfect for projecting large images even in compact spaces.



If you’re heading to a friend’s house for game night, hosting one yourself, or want to enjoy some cozy gaming in your room, you’ll need to create a game setup with ease. With a power cord and a single USB-C cable that supports video output, you can create this gaming setup in any space thanks to the functionality of the X300G. Group gaming has never been easier, with the ability to project a screen of up to 120in, everyone playing will be able to see their character clearly and get through the levels as a team. Alternatively, you can easily set up this projector and have a cozy game night in. Creating a gaming space has never been easier, and with its easy connectivity the X300G is perfect for any game night. 

The X300G is a short throw 4K UHD 2000lm gaming projector that covers 84% of the DCI-P3 color space and has a low input lag of just 4.16ms. It has three dedicated game modes, RPG/SPG/FPS, and can create the ultimate game hub anywhere. It can be mounted on a tripod, positioned on a shelf, bookcase, table, or nightstand to create an immersive gaming experience. With a throw ratio of 0.69-0.83, 1.2x zoom, and auto 3D keystone, any space can instantly become a game zone. The USB-C port supports for the DisplayPort output (DP Alt Mode) and the power delivery (PD outputs). The fun of gaming with friends or family is amplified by the experience the X300G provides.



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