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Explore Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on a X300G Gaming Projector

BenQ Game Zone Series

BenQ Writer: Alexandria Hulslander

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a 2023 action-adventure, open-world game exclusively for Nintendo® Switch and was nominated for the 2023 Game of the Year awards where it won Best Action/Adventure game. While the Switch is a great portable console for gaming anywhere, it can be connected to a TV or gaming projector to expand your visuals. The best way to upgrade your Switch experience is with a BenQ gaming projector which provides vivid details, vibrant colors, crisp sound, and a fully immersive gaming experience. Let’s play Zelda together on a X300G projector. Welcome to the BenQ Game Zone!



The Lands of Hyrule

Link has returned to the reimagined sprawling landscapes of Hyrule for an epic adventure, with new abilities and new areas to explore. Mysterious islands have appeared floating in the skies, but they can only be accessed utilizing different forms of traversal with Link’s newly acquired abilities. Alongside the new world above, the depths below the surface have opened and there is a vast unexplored territory for you to discover tools and unlock secrets. From the skies above to the depths below, don’t miss out on a single vivid detail as you game on the X300G.

With all these new areas to discover and explore, keeping track of waypoints and objectives requires a detailed and comprehensive map. You can pin markers or areas you want to head towards, follow the gold markets if you need a destination, travel back to old locations with the Travel Medallions, or explore every inch of the land to see how much of the map you can fill in! Thanks to BenQ’s CinematicColor technology, every marker, waypoint, and landmark on the map stands out with vibrance and detail! 

As you discover new areas and locate treasure, take a moment to examine the details that went into the design and scenery within the game. Playing on a small screen doesn’t do this game justice, but playing on a gaming projector creates a cinematic experience. Don’t forget to return to Lookout Landing from time-to-time to see what changes, collect useful equipment, and appreciate the stunning scenery of the land with the vivid details from the X300G

Unleash Your Imagination

The lands of Hyrule are being plagued by a mysterious gloom and enemies can be found at every turn, but there is a lot more to unlock on this adventure thanks to Link’s new abilities to create. Utilizing the Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, and Recall abilities you can build, battle, and play your way by crafting weapons, tools, and means of traversal. Side-quests are a breeze once you’ve mastered these abilities, and battling bosses is way more fun. If you can imagine it, you can find a way to build it, and the X300G provides the crisp visuals you’ll need to bring your creations to life. 

When using each ability, the object you’ve selected is highlighted either green or yellow with arrows or areas marked with red to signify what you’re doing with it. You can pick up, move, rotate, or fuse most objects in the game, or you can ascend through objects to create seemingly impossible shortcuts. While you can see what you’re doing on a Switch console, the larger the screen you have the easier it will be to test out these abilities and unleash your imagination. With a BenQ gaming projector, you can project a large image onto a screen or wall to create a fully immersive experience in Hyrule!

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter puzzles that need to be solved using these abilities you’ve been creating with. Take time to practice utilizing each ability in open areas and mastering them to make puzzle solving easier. You can challenge yourself to create weapons, tools, or means of transportation. Though Link can climb certain areas or travel across the lands on horseback, building unique traversal contraptions is a much more fun way of getting around. Show off your cool creations on the big screen with the X300G!

Hey! Look! Listen!

Unleashing your creativity is always fun, but there is an evil plot to unravel throughout the game. Link is on a quest to stop the Demon King, Ganondorf, who was released at the start of the story during Link and Zelda’s exploration. Creating weapons and tools while exploring new areas is fun, but don’t forget about following the plot and interacting with individuals you come across to gain skills and knowledge. It’s easy to spot new paths and areas with the vivid details from a 4K BenQ gaming projector. 

The lands of Hyrule maintain green and yellow undertones with the same art style as the previous game, but the new areas unlock more than treasures and challenges. The floating islands in the skies above have a beautiful blue and white hue to them, while the depths below have a dark green and blue tint where everything that glows stands out in a stunning way. The X300G has 3LED high brightness, vibrant hues, and 84% of the DCI-P3 color space which fully immerses you in the game. With HDR tone mapping and SSI Dynamic Black technology, you can adapt the brightness and explore the depths below without missing hidden treasure or upgrades.  


From the floating islands to the creepy caverns, each area in the game has a carefully curated musical score that adds to the immersive gaming experience. With two symmetrical 8W treVolo speakers and BenQ CinematicSound technology, the X300G creates a new dimension of spatial audio for precision gaming. You don’t need an external sound system to enhance the gaming experience because X-Series gaming projectors provide a fully immersive experience, from the visuals to the sounds. 



The X300G is great for Nintendo® Switch consoles because the USB-C port supports DisplayPort output (DP Alt Mode) and power delivery (PD outputs). Just connect and charge your Switch to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without the hassle of cables. Already explored the Kingdom of Hyrule and created unique contraptions? We would love for you to share your thoughts on our ProjectQ Gamers Lounge!  

*All images in this article were projected on a 75-inch screen with the X300G gaming projector.



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