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Projectors / Gaming Projector
Screen as Big as Your World Expands

Life may be filled with rules and boundaries, but once you press play, your alternate self with limitless possibilities emerges as you immerse into cinematic games so true it’s the second reality. Blending vivid graphics, symphonic sound, together with a massive screen for the ultimate surround, BenQ Gaming Projectors takes gaming to the next level beyond low input lag. Be IN the game and become your aspiration.

Are you ready for an otherworldly gaming experience?
The X Series
Cinematic Immersion in Gameplay

4LED HDR-PRO Grand Scenery in True Colors

Dynamic Virtual 3D Sound from Various Directions

4K 16ms@60Hz In-Time Interactions to Lifelike Details

Compatible Consoles

Truest Colors that Stands Out

100% DCI-P3 in 4K

Lasting Vibrant and Bright Colors

98% Rec.709 in 1080p

The TK Series
Immediate Actions for Achievements

4K HDR Contrasted Colors on Realistic Battlegrounds

Enhanced Audio for Hearings of Enemies’ Positions

4K 16ms@60Hz Control for Clean Motion

Compatible Consoles

100”+ Screen from 6.5ft

Short Throw with Android TV

100”+ Screen from 8.2ft

Fitting Décor in Regular Rooms

The TH Series
Colorful Fun for Party Excitements

Vibrant Colors with High Brightness

Party Music and Effects All Around

Large Screen with Smooth Input Lag

Compatible Consoles

Various Party Entertainments

Android TV Embedded

Best View in Crowded Rooms

5ft Short Throw Placement



4.16ms@240Hz 1080p

100% DCI-P3


3000 ANSI Lumens

Regular Room, 100"@8.2 ft

2D Keystone

4LED Light Source



4.16ms@240Hz 1080p

96% Rec.709


3000 ANSI Lumens

Tight Space, 100"@6.5 ft

2D Keystone with Rotate Adjustment

Lamp Light Source



8.33ms@120Hz 1080p

95% Rec.709

HDR Compatible

3500 ANSI Lumens

Regular Room, 100"@8.2 ft

1D Keystone

Lamp Light Source

What is low input lag?

PS5 and Xbox Compatibility List for BenQ Projectors

Gaming Excellence

BenQ X series starts with best-in-class low latency and adds optimal visual and audio settings for RPGs, sports, and shooter games as well as customizable audiovisual equalization presets. Powered by CinematicColor, the X series boosts game graphics with vibrant true colors, while multi-source audio mixing, tuned by treVolo and Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS), enhances soundtracks and music for captivating experiences. The X series makes this the ultimate cinematic gaming projector of your dreams.

Powered by CinematicColor

Tuned by treVolo

BenQ X1300i GameMaestro Best-in-Class Low Latency

Latest Low Latency Tech

Learn More

Game Audio Are Now Cinematically Real

Superior Sound by treVolo

treVolo-tuned stereo speakers use acoustic and psychoacoustic sciences to balance three game sound properties. Fine-tuned audio modes are dedicated to bringing out the sound details, distances, and directions of various game types and scenes. Patented Bongiovi DPS technology augments depth, clarity, definition, presence, and stereo field imaging. With Dynamic Stereo Enhancement in the X Series, each sound track is controlled to simulate dynamic 3D sound, creating an immersive sound experience. Thrill to BenQ gaming projectors’ pumping, crisp, and powerful audio whether you’re playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.

Deep Bass for RPG Music

BenQ X1300i treVolo stereo speaker for Deep Bass for RPG

Surround Effect for FPS

BenQ X1300i treVolo stereo speaker for Surround Effect for FPS

Clear Vocals for SPG

BenQ X1300i treVolo stereo speaker for Clear Vocals for SPG
Bongiovi DPS technology logo
What is Bongiovi DPS technology?

Bongiovi DPS technology uses a patented algorithm with 120 calibration points for real-time audio signal optimization. Expect added depth, clarity, definition, presence, and enhanced stereo field imaging for better sound directivity and detail processing. Bongiovi DPS breathes life into video games, apps, music, and movies through onboard speakers, external speakers, or headphones.

What is Dynamic Stereo Enhancement?

Bongiovi DPS also offers Dynamic Stereo Enhancement to generate reactive surround sound for different listening needs. When sound tracks can be separated, it helps give the sound some more atmospheric details, as opposed to when sound tracks are bundled, which leads to a more centralized sound. That is how the Dynamic Stereo Enhancement brings greater ambience, delivering a more dynamic and emotional listening experience to strengthen your connection to the game.

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