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Palette Master Element | BenQ Monitor Software

  • To simplify calibration process and produces accurate colors

  • OS: Windows 10 and macOS (Support the Apple M1 platform)

  • Version: V1.3.15

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palette master element simplifies calibration process and produces accurate color results
Palette Master Element Color Calibration Software

Hardware calibration counts. Since a monitor is being used for longer periods of time, it will exhibit the phenomena of reduced brightness and color shift more or less. To accurately represent the tones and colors of the photos on the screen, apply hardware calibration on a regular basis is necessary. That’s why you need suitable software to support it and BenQ has developed the software Palette Master Element. After a display is carefully hardware calibrated, it allows precise control when manipulating images for realistic or stylized results.

palette master element assists to hardware calibrate your monitor
Greet Color-Accurate Vision with Palette Master Element

Palette Master Element, BenQ proprietary software for hardware calibration, assists to hardware calibrate your monitor. It simplifies calibration process and produces accurate color results. With its minimalist user interface, you can finish your hardware calibration just clicks away. Apply Palette Master Element to fine tune the color engine on SW series monitors to fully support X-Rite / Datacolor colorimeter.

Start with correct default profile, white point and luminance for monitor calibration. It’s easy to achieve color accuracy with a simple user interface.

Your professional color calibration completes with customized RGB primaries, white point, luminance, gamma and black point settings to get more refined adjustments

Learn How to Do Hardware Calibration with BenQ Ambassador

Let’s invite our ambassador Art Suwansang​ to demonstrate how to do hardware calibration with Palette Master Element after you’ve learned the benefits hardware calibration will do to your monitor and how Palette Master Element, the software for hardware calibration, will assist hardware calibration.

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