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Projectors / Gaming Projector / TK700 / Q&A

4K HDR 16ms Low Input Lag Gaming Projector | 4K@60Hz | TK700

  • TK700 vs TK700STi: TK700STi possesses short-throw capabilities able to project at shorter distances (100"@6.5ft). TK700 utilizes standard throw (100"@8.2ft). TK700STi also feature Android TV while the TK700 does not.

  • Game Mode for Detailed Clarity with Optimal Colors in Dark Scenes

  • 3200-Lumen High Brightness, 96% Rec.709, Realistic HDR Gaming


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  • Can I use TK700 to play games?
  • Yes, definitely!

    TK700 is one of our top choices for console gaming. Our TK700 is specially designed for low latency wins in True 4K resolution, aiming to provide an authentic gaming experience with detailed clarity and optimal colors, made possible even in brightly lit living rooms with its 3200 high lumens.

  • Can I connect TK700 to any game consoles?
  • Yes. You can connect TK700 to your Sony PS5/PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X using an HDMI cable. 

  • Can I use TK700 to watch the movie?
  • Yes, you can absolutely use any projector for movie, TV watching and any big-screen entertainment needs, and we also recommend dedicated home cinema projectors for better movie enjoyment.

  • What type of 4K HDR singal is compatible with TK700?
  • To automatically detect HDR content, please make sure your 4K player is sending a compatible 4K HDR signal to the projector.

    1. Compatible resolution: 4K x 2K (3840 x 2016 in pixels) at 24/25/30/50/60 (Hz).

    2. Compatible HDR signal: 

    • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:4:4 supports up to 8bits

    • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:2:2 supports up to 12bits

    • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:2:0 supports up to 12bits

    • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:4:4 supports up to 12bits

    • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:2:2 supports up to 12bits

    • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:2:0 supports up to 12bits

  • Which connectivity of TK700 supports HDR10/HLG?
  • TK700 will automatically detect HDR10/HLG and display compatible signals by connecting image source to HDMI-1 or HDMI-2 (HDMI 2.0b/HDCP2.2). 

    Note: To automatically detect HDR content, please make sure your 4K player is sending a compatible 4K HDR signal to the projector.

  • How should I adjust the ceiling mount position to achieve a 100" screen if I upgrade from BenQ 1080p projectors, such as HT2150ST and TH671ST, to 4K TK700?
  • To project a screen size of 100", TK700 would require, with max zoom, a minimum distance of 8.1 ft (2.5m); HT2150ST would require a minimum distance of 5 ft (1.5m); TH671ST would require a minimum distance of 5 ft (1.5m)


    If you have further questions regarding screen sizes or distances, please use the link below for BenQ throw distance calculator: https://projectorcalculator.benq.com

    Or, click on the “Chat” button on your lower right screen for further support.

  • What 3D effects or modes does TK700 support?

    The current firmware version supports 3D Frame Sequential(PC) and Frame Packing (Blu-ray); Side by side 3D or top & bottom 3D is not yet supported but will be released in new firmware updates to support streaming 3D formats.

  • If I enable the keystone function in the projector, will the input lag be impacted?
  • Since image processing is required for the keystone function, input lag will be slightly longer* but not affecting the smoothness in games when the keystone is enabled.

    *Latency will hardly be noticeable with keystone function enabled, as lag time merely increase no more than 1 frame (increase 16ms at 4K@60Hz, increase 8ms at 1080@120Hz, increase 4ms at 1080p@240Hz).