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Can I use the projector as a Bluetooth speaker or connect to Bluetooth speakers or headphones? Would there be any audio lag?

Yes, the projector supports both “Bluetooth speaker” mode and “Projector” mode. “Bluetooth speaker” mode allows you to use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

When you press the “Bluetooth" button, the projector will stop projecting and switch to Bluetooth speaker mode, which allows you to:


  1. Use it as a Bluetooth speaker. (the Android TV dongle needs to be updated to the latest version for the smartphone to transmit audio to the projector via Bluetooth).
  2. Connect it to external Bluetooth speakers or headphones (there will be a minor audio lag -- around 300ms -- which is okay for listening to music but may cause minor latency while watching movies).



  • The Bluetooth function is powered by the QS01 dongle, so please make sure it is installed properly on the projector.
  • Other connections such as HDMI do not support Bluetooth.

Applicable Models

GS2, TK810, GV1, TK700STi, X1300i, V7050i , GV30, GS50, TK700, X3000i

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