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【BenQ Celebrates 21 Years】BenQ team creates personalized ScreenBar adapter for customer

The Lighting team came up with a tailor-made solution using their 3D printer. After extensive measurements and tests, they designed and created an adapter specifically for Mr. Y’s case.


To mark BenQ’s 21st birthday, we’d like to share and highlight stories from around the world that exemplify the spirit of our team members. BenQ teams work on the basis of understanding customer needs and treating all contacts with compassion. Maintaining personal relations and helping out whenever possible are natural to BenQ teams, as we are all people, wherever we are, and we should help each other when we can. By sharing these stories, we hope to increase awareness of the importance of understanding customers and spotting opportunities for positive action. While we celebrate a happy BenQ birthday, let us maintain our mission of bringing quality and enjoyment wherever we are, as we lend a helping hand to people in need.


For BenQ team members, listening to customers comes naturally. Every customer has different circumstances, which often create situations where people need extra care and help. That happened to the BenQ Lighting team when a customer reported a lack of compatibility between a new BenQ monitor he was considering and the existing ScreenBar lighting product he had at home. The team immediately began producing a custom, personalized part that ensured ScreenBar and monitor compatibility, at no cost to the customer, who was highly touched by this dedication supporting and service.


The story begins with Mr. Y, a long-time BenQ customer with many of our products in his home. That included two TVs, one in the living room and one in the bedroom, plus several lamps primarily enjoyed by Mr. Y’s children. He also used a BenQ ScreenBar on his existing monitor, but then decided to upgrade the display to the BenQ EW3880R. To his great surprise, the ScreenBar wouldn’t fit the BenQ EW3880R due to the display’s curvature and thickness, so he decided to wait before buying the EW3880R. ScreenBar was designed for flat monitors up to 3cm thick. Mr. Y politely contacted our live chat support and asked if there was anything we could do to help.


The team understood Mr. Y’s concerns. He bought the ScreenBar accessory several months before the EW3880R was revealed, and didn’t realize that the monitor (which he really wanted to buy), was both curved and too thick for ScreenBar usage. Trying to place ScreenBar on the EW3880R would result in the accessory falling and potentially breaking. Initially, our support staff offered to find Mr. Y alternative monitors to the EW3880R that could be used with ScreenBar, but he had already made up his mind. He wanted the EW3880R and felt very disappointed, delaying plans to purchase a new monitor.



The support team realized Mr. Y was a loyal and friendly customer who deserved service of the best quality possible. They got in touch with the Lighting business unit and conveyed Mr. Y’s problem to our ScreenBar experts. The priority was to help Mr. Y and ensure he could use his desired EW3880R with his ScreenBar. Loyalty goes both ways. Mr. Y is clearly invested in BenQ products and thinks highly of the brand. We had to help him and stick by him.


The Lighting team came up with a tailor-made solution using their 3D printer. After extensive measurements and tests, they designed and created an adapter specifically for Mr. Y’s case. The part allowed the EW3880R to have ScreenBar mounted on it with great stability and endurance. The part was made exclusively for Mr. Y at no cost. When informed of this, Mr. Y was deeply touched and also very happy, because now he could move forward with plans to purchase his favorite monitor, the EW3880R. He was keen on a large curved monitor and was looking forward to the upgrade.


Beyond the satisfaction of providing good service and knowing that we did the right thing, the experience with Mr. Y was also one of learning. The Lighting team became more experienced in designing custom parts, and of course, was motivated by Mr. Y’s happiness and gratitude.


The experience opened up many new possibilities that could affect sales in a positive way. If the Lighting business unit can produce customer parts that enable wider ScreenBar compatibility for different monitors and displays, then obviously we can provide more people with great products and superior service. At the same time, our teams are working on ScreenBar revisions that will allow for compatibility with more monitor models without the use of custom parts. The experience with Mr. Y definitely invigorated the Lighting team, reinforcing their commitment to delivering products that people don’t have to worry about or think twice about whether or not they will fit.


As for Mr. Y, not only did he get his EW3880R and began to use ScreenBar with it, he was deeply touched by the heartwarming support offered by BenQ team members. Mr. Y was impressed and even amazed by the dedication to customer satisfaction demonstrated by BenQ, and has made a point of recommending BenQ to family, friends, colleagues, and pretty much everyone else in his life. From our humble perspective, we are most grateful for customers like Mr. Y and the touching anecdotes that emerge from our relationships.


Offers consumers a high degree of convenience and builds a bridge for customers to get in touch with us directly on a personal level. This establishes trust among BenQ and consumers in a professional yet warm and friendly manner. The combination of professionalism and friendship signifies the BenQ approach to helping people while working to develop our products and services.


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