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24 inch Design Monitor, QHD, 100% Rec. 709 & sRGB | BL2420PT

  • 24” 2560x1440 QHD 16:9 IPS LED Monitor

  • 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces

  • CAD/CAM and Animation custom design modes


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Precision for Perfection

When every detail matters. BL2420PT delivers absolute color precision and 2K QHD, empowering you to turn digital dreams into reality.

Outstanding Color Accuracy and Resolution
2K QHD High Resolution

2K QHD (2560x1440) resolution offers extraordinary detail and depth for visually intensive work in animation, visual effects, graphics, and photos.


BenQ AQCOLOR technology delivers “Accurate Reproduction.” This translates to the display of color precisely as it is intended to appear. Led by a color expert, the BenQ team, took part in the ICC* and ISO** to establish color-related standards and implementation guidelines.

* International Color Consortium

**International Organization of Standardization

100% sRGB and Rec. 709

The IPS wide viewing angle minimizes color shift and Rec. 709 reproduces accurate resolution, frame rate, color gamut, gamma, and white point performance. These features make BL2420PT a great monitor for video editing.


Out-of-The-Box Color Calibration

Each BL2420PT comes pre-calibrated, with a certification report, guaranteeing trustworthy color performance.

*Calibration eliminates slight color performance variations between individual panels of the same model. Therefore, the calibration data of each report will vary slightly from reports from other displays of the same model.

Designed With You in Mind


CAD/CAM mode accentuates the finest details for incredible display performance. Work effectively in Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, CATIA, and other design software.

Animation Mode

Animation mode brightens dark areas without overexposing bright regions. Ten levels of display brightness bring out every subtlety in ambient lighting. Superior contrast of lines and shapes in technical illustrations facilitate outstanding results.

Streamlined Genius
Customize Your View

Proprietary BenQ Display Pilot software* splits your desktop into multiple window partitions for easy multitasking.

*Display Pilot software requires Windows OS.

Ergonomic Design

An extensive range of height, tilt, pivot, stroke, and swivel adjustments let you customize your workstation for the perfect fit.

*Display Pilot auto-rotation software requires Windows OS.

industry-leading eye care
Eye-care For You

BenQ pioneered eye-care™ technology with your wellness in mind. That's why we incorporate eye care in all of our monitors. See and feel the difference for yourself.

Low Blue Light

BenQ’s Low Blue Light Technology filters out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing the damaging effects.


Flicker-free technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels, effectively reducing eye fatigue. Conventional LCD screens flicker 250 times per second. Your eyes may not see damaging flickers, but they can certainly feel them. Switch to Flicker-free. Your eyes will thank you.

BenQ ZeroFllicker filters flickering for eye comfort

with Flicker-free technology

BenQ ZeroFlicker filters flickering for eye comfort

without Flicker-free technology

BenQ Eye-Care Microsite