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What You Need, and Don’t Need, When Buying Your First Portable Projector

GS50-portable projector for outdoor movie time

Is your ultimate good time spent having fun with family and friends? Whether indoors or outdoors, in bright rooms or dark backyards, a full-length movie or a dance party, a portable projector might be the right ingredient to make those good times even better. Let’s look at your purchasing decision from three perspectives to help make your choice easier:



It’s not what you have, it’s how many ways you can use it. Choose a projector with benefits that suit your style. You might have a kids’ dance party in the afternoon and a movie date night in the evening. It’s best to find the option that can make everyone happy. That means versatility.


Firstly, make sure your projector is easily portable, ideally with a case and handle for safety and convenience. You want to arrive with all your projector supplies looking good and in good condition. Plus, a stylish case adds elegance to your entrance!


Then, once you know you can get it to the party, make sure it’s equipped to keep the fun going. So keep your options open with diverse compatibility including Mac/iOS, Android, and PC. Some projectors also function as Bluetooth speakers to add music to the mix. Others are equipped with Android OSs that let you access apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube for unlimited entertainment. This lets you access and wirelessly cast the kids’ favorite educational content along with movies, shows, and the latest video trends. Of course, you’ll want Wi-Fi to keep your viewing options open, too.


Your life is busy; get a projector that makes it easier. Ideally, choose a model that adapts to your lifestyle. Does it have flexible projection options? Wireless casting and playing from your device for convenient, easy setup? A tilt-hinge for varied screen heights? How about auto keystone so images are squared, without a distracting trapezoid effect? Well, it probably should to ensure good times are had by all. And, you need varied connectivity options, such as the current standard, USB-C, for peripherals.


Once you have these bases covered, make sure your purchase can handle your level of fun. We’re talking about durability here.

A young lady enjoys her home cinema with a portable projector


Have you ever opened a package or present to find the contents broken and unusable? That’s the last way you want to kick off a camping trip, birthday party, or movie night for teens, especially if the broken portable projector figured prominently into your plans.


Let’s make the case for a sturdy case. It’s the protector of your projector and should be able to tote any needed cables or peripherals, too. This makes arriving prepared easier and stress-free.


To keep that peace of mind going, make sure the entertainment can stand up to your crew. Look for solid, thoughtful construction that prioritizes the user experience. IPX2 ratings assure you of light water, and sometimes dust, resistance. Double-check for a durable design that can handle a short drop or tumble, too. A projector that can’t handle your lifestyle won’t make the cut for long. So, while those ratings and protections will add cost, they also provide peace of mind and long-lasting quality to add years of fun for you and your friends and family.

portable projector charging by a power bank at a campsite


Don’t settle for a sub-par speaker. You want enough power to add some “boom” to your room. Get enough wattage to do justice to blockbuster movie dialogue, music, and sound effects. And, of course, you’ll want your portable projector to back up that Bluetooth speaker with a subwoofer. The latest streaming movie and music hits will sound weak and flat without it.


Now to shed a light on brightness. Make sure your lumens match your usage. Dark rooms can handle lower brightness, but if there’s ambient light in your portable theater, or you’re headed to the great outdoors, you should up the ANSI lumens, too. Also helpful for a fulfilling view, some projectors have picture modes that optimize display for different scenarios. Don’t skimp on quality color performance! Vivid, accurate color display adds emotion, depth, and enjoyment to movies and shows. Poor color that’s washed out or not-quite-right makes it harder to enjoy any entertainment.


It’s also important that those quality images last until the end of the movie, and that short battery life doesn’t cut the party short. There’s no sadder ending than a movie that stops playing before the conclusion. So keep the family happy with a projector that can handle a full-length feature or more.

a young woman using portable projectors watch a movie in her room

Lights, Camera, Fun!

Now you’re ready to make the call! A portable projector adds fun to almost any family, friend, or couple’s event, especially if it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. The features and benefits discussed here will get you set for a good time with minimal hassle. Choose the solution that has the versatility, durability, and performance for your style of usage. You don’t need to break the bank with 4K resolution or a speaker that can fill a stadium. Above all, your first portable projector MUST have one feature – the ability to deliver smiles. Because that’s what matters.


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