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Enjoy the Foldable Fun of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door on a X300G Gaming Projector

BenQ Game Zone Series

BenQ Writer: Alexandria Hulslander

Mario and friends have gone on many adventures, from the 2D world to the 3D world, and now they return to a classic 2D story to discover a legendary treasure. Join in on the foldable adventure in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door to collect the seven crystal stars and unlock the treasure! Take on new challenges and craft unique ways to get through tricky levels with Mario’s newly unlocked paper abilities. Upgrade your Nintendo Switch gaming experience with 4K viewing and vibrant colors on a large projected image in any space, thanks to the X300G gaming projector. Welcome to the BenQ Game Zone Series! 



A Classic Story Unfolds

Mario has gone to Rogueport, a town full of notorious ruffians, to help Princess Peach on her treasure hunt. But Peach is missing so Mario must venture through the land to collect the crystal stars and track Peach down. Mario isn’t the only one after the treasure though, Bowser and several other enemies are tracking it down as well to unlock it’s power! With the help of some surprising friends, you can lead Mario’s journey to sing the crystals and save Peach before time runs out. On the X300G, you can experience this 2D adventure to the fullest as this projector is the perfect partner for the Switch with its convenient setup capabilities. 

The journey brings back some familiar faces and goes beyond the town, where big discoveries hide and paper-like details enhance your game immersion. In the image to the left, you can see the combination of 3D elements with the cutout speech bubbles and paper characters who flip back and forth in conversations. While these actions happen quickly and can be difficult to see them on the small screen of a Switch, it’s easy to see the details that went into each movement with a large screen provided by the X300G. As the story progresses, some enemies are designed to reflect the paper craft of origami, a really cool design choice that adds to the depth of the paper world. 

The X-Nauts, one of the main enemies in the story, are ready to jump Mario at any point to beat him to the crystals. Mario, who is well-known for his heroic ventures, is ready to stand up once again and take them on to save Peach and potentially the world! Join the adventure from anywhere with the portability of the X300G and get ready to add to Mario’s tales of heroic actions. 

Plenty of Paper Pals

Every Mario story is full of heroes and villains who are designed to fit within the design of the world. In this 2D paper-based adventure, familiar characters are given new designs while retaining their distinctive characteristics such as Mario and his hat or Peach and her pink dress. Each character is outlined with a bold black line, a unique detail that is often found in character designs on paper or stickers, which is easier to see on a larger screen with vibrant colors and crips details provided by a gaming projector. 

Mario’s newfound friends help along the journey, but they’re also full of hilarious shenanigans to make the game more fun. When squaring up with enemies, they’ll provide witty comments and tips to help you defeat the enemy. Though Mario is a skilled fighter, there is always something new to learn in battle, especially when facing new foes. Each new friend will provide you with these tips, so pay close attention to everything that pops up! All these items on a small screen can be overwhelming and take away from the gaming experience. Thankfully, with the ability to project a screen up to 120in, the X300G makes it easy to see everything on the screen without crowding. 

This game is an RPG, so the battles are turn based, meaning you’ll need to be sure to balance attack and defense moves, equip badges for an advantage, and use your teammates unique skills to win! Each action is shown above you, as seen in the image to the left, and you can scroll through them to decide what to do. As the game goes on, more options appear and skills you’ve gained will be available, so the bigger the screen the easier it is to see your battle options. You can also harness the power of the crystal stars to utilize special moves and attack all enemies at once. Keep an eye on your health in the top left though, because if it hits zero you’ll be sent back to your last save spot! 

After each successful battle you’ll be awarded star points. You need these to level up to take on stronger enemies with confidence. The better you do in battles, or the stronger the enemies you defeat, the more star points you’ll get. You can see the total amount you have in the top right of the screen, alongside your coins. With all this content on one screen, it’ll get tricky to keep track of it all. Don’t miss out on important details or fall behind in a battle because of the limitations of a small screen, and connect your Switch directly to the X300G to project onto any screen or wall for a better gaming experience with full immersion. 

The Treasure Behind the Door

Finding the treasure will not be an easy task, but as Paper Mario, you’ll unlock unique paper abilities as you play, like turning into a paper airplane! You can also keep track of where you are on the map, shown left, and where you need to go. The map is the one Peach provided, so it reflects an actual treasure map with its brown tones and distinct landscape designs. It’s easy to spot where you are as Mario is the pop of color on the map, and with BenQ CinematicColor technology his color is extra vibrant. As a remake of the original version, this game comes with a number of improvements, such as improved visuals, that can easily be appreciated on the X300G where every colorful detail comes to life. The projector also features a great sound system, supported by BenQ CinematicSound technology, that helps you truly appreciate the newly arranged soundtrack and sound gallery. 

No matter where you decide to play, the X300G can be setup with ease for game time. It has a compact body and powerful visual and audio capabilities, offering flexible placement options anywhere in your space. It’s a short-throw projector, which means it can be set up with a tripod or positioned on a table closer to the wall for convenience. With a single data transfer USB-C cable, you can connect directly to your Switch for ultimate game immersion. This gaming projector is the perfect partner for the Switch and the best option for setting up a gaming space in a small room or bedroom.


Did you play the original Paper Mario games? How did they compare to this one? We’d love to hear all about your experience on our ProjectQ Gamers Lounge!



*All images in this article were projected on a 75-inch screen with the X300G gaming projector.


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