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Take the Stage in Princess Peach: Showtime! on a X300G Gaming Projector

BenQ Game Zone Series

BenQ Writer: Alexandria Hulslander

Princess Peach: Showtime! is an action-adventure game published by Nintendo and is exclusive to the Switch console. It is the first game that features Princess Peach as the main character but follows a similar framework to the traditional Mario games, with a blend of 3D and 2D side-scrolling elements. Play as Peach and help save the Sparkle Theater from a new enemy, Grape and the Sour Bunch! Enhance your Nintendo Switch gaming experience with the X300G gaming projector for 4K vibrant viewing and a large projected image in any space. Welcome to the BenQ Game Zone Series!  



Step Into the Spotlight!

The Sparkle Theater has been taken over by the wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch, who are playing out the ultimate tragedy and turning every play dark. With the help of Stella, the theater’s guardian, you can save the day as Princess Peach by powering up with showstopping transformations and abilities! After the huge success of the Mario movie, Nintendo shifted Peach from the damsel in distress to a heroic and strong female lead. With this game, Peach shows off her heroic abilities and players can see how valuable of a character she is. On the X300G, you can fully immerse yourself in this new adventure and save the Sparkle Theater. This projector is the perfect partner for the Switch with its easy connectivity, vivid colors, and convenient setup capabilities. 

For each challenge, Peach has to harness the power of the Sparkle and transform to gain special abilities that fit the theme of that level. The transformations include Swordfighter, Ninja, Patisserie, Cowgirl, figure Skater, Detective, Dashing Thief, Might, Mermaid, and Kung Fu. Each level also has specific types of enemies, each with unique fighting styles that require new ways of evading and striking. In the image to the right, Peach has just completed her transformation to Ninja Peach, with confetti and cherry blossom petals falling around her. With the crisp colors provided by the X300G, these unique details for each transformation are enhanced and add depth to the story of the level. 

While the game presents unique challenges in each level, you can activate the Heart Charm and gain three extra hearts to ensure you’ll make it through the levels! The hearts appear above Peach only if a life is lost, so if you don’t see the hearts that’s a good thing. While the Switch does offer colorful visuals and convenient portability for travel, if you’re gaming in comfort at home, having a larger screen will create an upgraded experience. On a X300G, not only do you get 4K UHD visuals, you’ll experience crisp details and bright colors with BenQ CinematicColor technology. Discover every hidden star, unlock coin stashes, and sneak up on enemies with ease on the big screen. 

Join the Cast and Crew

Princess Peach and two of her Toads went to the theater to enjoy a nice evening of performances and fun, but Grape and her minions have taken over and captured the Theets. Using the power of her ribbon and various transformations, Peach makes her way through each play to free the Theets, stop Grape from directing the ultimate tragedy, and transform the theater back to its original vibrance. The image to the right displays the color contrast of the theater after Grape has taken over. Originally bright and vibrant, the theater is dark and full of purple tones now, but as Peach saves each play the doors turn back to green (shown on the left side of the image). As the theater is transformed, the color shifts are enhance by BenQ CinematicColor technology supported on the X300G, and every detail from the pattern on the rug to the shine of the disco balls stands out clearly. 

As you collect coins, you’ll unlock new customizations for Peach and Stella’s looks, adding to the wide range of outfits Peach has within the game. This is a great opportunity to try out other dresses and view the details of Peach’s character design. Her bright blue eyes match her pearl earrings and the gem on her dress, while her shiny blonde hair is held up with the Sparkle Ribbon Stella gifted her after she agreed to help. On a gaming projector, these details become clear and fans can take the time to appreciate Peach as more than a damsel in distress. Though her designs have remained fairly consistent over the years, she is rarely highlighted to this extent and the best way to catch every detail in her is with a large projected image from a gaming projector! 

Peach also has more distinctive facial expressions that were molded to match her expressions in the Mario movie. Details like these can be difficult to see clearly on a Switch, since the screen is so small, but with the ability to project a screen up to120in, a gaming projector can give her anger and passion new life. In the image to the right, Peach has just defeated an enemy with her shining Kunai and expresses her skill through her facial expression. These details are fairly difficult to see on the small screen of a Switch, but thanks to the crystal clear images projected by the X300G it’s easy to see her reactions to boss battles and new enemies.

The Show Must Go On

While most levels maintain the same set of tones, during fast-paced side-scrolling action the contrast of the coins, Peach, and her background is at its clearest. Here, the coins are shining bright as is Peach’s hair, and the waterfalls in the background have a life-like depth to them. Being able to fully see this contrast allows you to get through these levels with ease, and ss you continue the stars and hidden challenges become harder to find and the enemies get stronger. With crisp details and vibrant colors, it’s easier to see the clear contrast and hidden things with a gaming projector such as the X300G

Despite Peach’s efforts, in the final battle with Grape the theater is destroyed. But Stella and the Theets are not sad, because they were rescued and found a renewed sense of passion for their theatrical craft. No matter where you decide to play, the X300G can be setup with ease for game time. It has a compact body and powerful visual and audio capabilities, offering flexible placement options anywhere in your space. It’s a short-throw projector, which means it can be set up with a tripod or positioned on a table closer to the wall for convenience. With a single data transfer USB-C cable, you can connect directly to your Switch for ultimate game immersion. This gaming projector is the perfect partner for the Switch and the best option for setting up a gaming space in a small room or bedroom.


Which level or transformation was your favorite? We’d love to hear all about your experience on our ProjectQ Gamers Lounge!



*All images in this article were projected on a 75-inch screen with the X300G gaming projector.


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