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Portable Smart Projector with Free Angle Projection, Android TV, Wireless Casting | GV11

  • Free Angle Projection with Auto Vertical Keystone

  • Certified Android TV for All-in-One Entertainment

  • 270-degree 5W speaker with Bass Extensions


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  • Can I use the projector to watch Netflix?
  • Yes. It is possible to watch Netflix using either of the following 2 methods: 

    1. Use your own laptop (Windows/Chrome/MacOS) Chrome browser to stream media: Make sure both the projector and laptop are under the same wireless network: WLAN mode, mobile hotspot mode, then click to activate the "Wireless Projection" app on the home screen before casting

    2. View with Plug-Ins: Watch with Apple TV/ SETUP BOX/ Game Console/ laptop with HDMI cable.

    Watch the video to learn more:


    Please note that: 

    (1) You CAN NOT cast Netflix on the projector via AirPlay because of copyright protection policies.

    (2) There are many apps that can be manually installed from Google Play that allow you to watch Netflix. (*The quality of service and level of technical support for apps that are installed from Google Play are entirely subject to the respective app’s publishers.) 


    For the most user-friendly experience, BenQ also provides a smart remote control app that allows your smart device to control the projector.

    Please download: "BenQ Smart Control" app on Google Play or 

    App Store

  • How to enjoy streaming music (Spotify/ YouTube Music) via the projector?
  • 1. Access the pre-load Spotify/YouTube music apps from the Android TV home screen. (You can also download more music streaming apps from the Google Play store).

    2. Log in to your account. 

    3. Now you can enjoy streaming music via the projector. (For Spotify, you can select “Show Lyrics” or “Hide Lyrics” mode on the big screen.)


    More tips for you on enjoying streaming music:    

    If you want to switch the projector mode to simply for music enjoyment, you can use “Audio Only Mode”:

    1. To switch over to “Audio Only Mode”, please press the “Power” button on the remote control, then select the “Audio Only Mode”.

    2. If you want to stop the Audio Only Mode, just press any key on the remote control and the screen will show up again. 



  • How do I ensure a smooth wireless casting experience with the projector?
  • It depends on the internet service bandwidth provided by the Wi-Fi router as well as how many competing wireless devices are in the environment. Please read on to learn more about this topic.

    If stuttering occurs during projection, please check if the Wi-Fi is working properly or it is congested. 

    The projector has both 2.4G and 5G channels. We recommend switching both your home Wi-Fi router and the projector to the 5G channel for smoother connections.



  • 3 tips to stream perfectly on GV11
  • 1. Install the Android TV Dongle (QS01) into the projector.

    2. Ensure your smartphone and GV11 are connected to the same Wi-Fi network (SSID).

    3. Install "BenQ Smart Control App" on your phone and then activate the "Wireless Projection" app on the projector's home screen:

    By completing the three easy steps above. You will be able to begin enjoying a comprehensive streaming experience.  



  • Can I use the Android TV dongle's storage (QS01) to play videos?
  • Yes, you can. Please follow the instructions below.

    1. Save your videos on your Google Drive. 

    2. Log into your Google account on the projector (with QS01 installed).

    3. Download the "File Commander" app from Google Play.

    4. Access your Google Drive in "File Commander" and save the video from your Google Drive to the storage option for the Android TV dongle (QS01).

    5. Download the "VLC Media Player" app from Google Play.

    6. Play the video via the "VLC Media Player" app.




  • Can I use my smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot for the projector to connect to?
  • Yes, you can use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Please turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot setting on your smartphone, connect the projector to it, and then start projecting wirelessly.

  • How do I connect a Fire Stick or Roku stick to the projector?
  • Check out the following information to learn more.

    1. Plug the Fire TV / Roku Stick device into the projector's outside HDMI port.

    2. Plug one end of the USB cable into your Fire TV / Roku Stick, and connect the other end of the USB cable to the power adapter, then plug the power adapter into an electric outlet.


  • What devices does the projector support wireless projection for?
  • The projector supports wireless projection with smartphones (iOS & Android) and laptops (Windows, Chrome  & MacOS).

    There are 2 ways to transmit audio and video content via wireless projection: WLAN mode and mobile hotspot mode. 

    * Please click to activate the "Wireless Projection" app on the home screen before casting. 

    * Due to the content protection mechanism for some subscription-based streaming platform, mobile devices may not be able to mirror or cast the content of certain streaming services, such as Netflix, Fox+, Catchplay, iTunes, etc.


    The content you can cast via Airplay and Chromecast: 

    • Photos, videos, and music files on your mobile phone. 

    • Webpages

    • Content on Youtube

    • Music Apps (e.g. Spotify)

    • MS Office documents and emails

  • What type of USB flash drive does GV11 support?
  • GV11 supports USB-A flash drives with a capacity at or below 128GB. The drive's format needs to be NTFS, FAT, or FAT32. 

    * Supported File Formats: 

    - Photos: JPG (.jpg, .jpeg), PNG (.png), BMP (.bmp)

    - Music: MP3 (.mp3), WAV (.wav), WMA (.wma), FLAC (.flac), AAC (.aac), OGG (.ogg)

    - Video: MPEG program stream (.mpg, .mpeg), MPEG transport stream (.ts, .trp, .tp), ASF (.asf), WMV (.wmv), AVI (.avi), MKV (.mkv)

  • Can I connect GV11 to any game consoles?
  • Yes. GV11 supports up to 1080p@60Hz resolution via an HDMI connection. You can connect a Switch, PS4/PS5, or Xbox console to GV11 using an HDMI cable. 


  • How to connect your Bluetooth external devices with the projector?
  • 1. Make sure the Android TV dongle is installed  

    2. Power on the projector  

    3. Press the “Setting” button on the remote control or the screen > Remotes & Accessories > Add accessory > Activate Bluetooth-pairing mode and select your Bluetooth devices* on the screen > select “Pair”

    *Please be noted that: Only one Bluetooth device can be connected at once. If you want to connect to external Bluetooth speakers or headphone, there will be minor audio lag, around 300ms, it's okay for listening to music but may experience minor latency while watching movies.


    More tips for you on using Bluetooth mode: After that, you can press the “Bluetooth” hotkey on the top of the projector, the projector will switch over to “Bluetooth speaker mode”, which is designed simply for music enjoyment. 



  • Can I use AirPods with the projector?
  • Yes, you can use AirPods with the projector. Please click and follow the instructions below.

    1. Put both AirPods in the charging case and make sure that both AirPods are charging.

    2. Open the lid of the AirPods case, press and hold the setup button on the case for up to 10 seconds. The status light should flash white, which means that your AirPods are ready to connect.

    3. Click "Setting" on your projector and make sure that Bluetooth is on. Click " Remotes & Accessories" to add accessories, then connect the AirPods. 


    Please be noted that: 

    1. There might be Bluetooth latency causing audio lag when watching movies. 

    2. Please adjust the volume before using.   

    3. You can only connect "ONE" Bluetooth device at one time. If you are using different Bluetooth devices, please pair again. 


Built-in battery and Charging

  • Can GV11 be charged via a power bank?
  • No. GV11 doesn't have a Type-C port, so it can't be charged directly via a power bank.  


  • What's the battery capacity for GV11?
  • The battery capacity for GV11 is 3000 mAh with support for up to 160 mins of video playing time. The video playing time is measured under Low power consumption mode with content playing from the USB or HDMI port.





  • How long do I have to charge the projector before my initial use?
  • You have to charge the projector for 2.5 hours before your first use, please make sure you charge it until the LED light has turned green. 




Setup and Usage tips

  • How do I adjust GV11's focus?
  • You can adjust the focus knob on the GV11 manually to the level you prefer. Please note that an auto focus button on the remote control is not available for GV11. 

  • Can GV11 support side projection?
  • The projector does not support side projection. However, you can still set the projector up instantly in front projection mode with the its built-in auto vertical keystone (±40 degrees) function.   

  • Can I control the projector with a smart phone?
  • Yes, it is possible to do so. The projector is embedded with Smart Control capabilities. Once installed on your smartphone, you can control the projector with your own mobile device and benefit from its intuitive UI. 

    Please download “BenQ Smart Control” from App Store or Google Play.

  • Can I use the remote control to power on GV11?
  • Yes, you can. Although powering on via the remote control is disabled by default, which BenQ recommends because it optimizes battery usage, you are also welcome to turn this function on by going to the System menu and enabling the Use remote control to power on option.

  • Can I use voice control on the projector through Google Assistant?
  • Yes. Google Assistant can be used to access apps in areas where its available. The projector comes with a Bluetooth remote control. Make sure the remote control is connected to the projector via Bluetooth, and then hold the mic button on the remote control to start a voice search.


  • What is the recommended projection distance and image size for GV11?
  • We recommend a screen size between 40" to 60" when seated 3.7ft to 5.57ft (1.15m to 1.7m) away.

  • Can I use GV11 in the daytime?
  • Yes, you can. The projector's 200 ANSI Lumens brightness level allows for clear images when you project onto a 50" - 60" screen in a dark room, or a 30" - 40" screen in a room with soft lighting. When using the projector in the daytime, please choose Daytime in the picture mode menu to brighten the dim regions of the images.

  • Is the GV11 drop-proof?
  • Yes, it has a drop-proof design of up to 1.6ft (50cm).

  • Do I need to replace the LED lamp of the projector?
  • There is no need to replace it during the normal usage lifetime of the projector. Because the projector uses an LED light source instead of a lamp, it can last for about 20,000~30,000 hours so there is no need to change it during the normal usage lifetime of the projector. If you want to change the lamp, please notice that LED replacement is not user-serviceable, please contact the service center to replace it.