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Projectors / Accessories / Remote for MX, MH, MW, MP, CP, SP series

Remote for MX620ST, MS504, MX505, MH680, MS521P, MX522P, MW621ST, MW665, MH630, TH682ST, MX660, MS614, MX615, MX613ST, MP626, MP670, CP270, MP511, MP511+, MP512, MP512 ST, MP513, MP522, MP522 ST, MP612, MP612c, MP622, MP622c, MP623, MP624, MX660P, MX701, MS504A, MS517, MX518, MW519, MW663, MX520, MX618ST, MX662, MX661, MS504, MX505, MS521, MX522, MW523, MS524, MX525, MW526, MS504A, MX816ST, MW817ST, MX815ST, SP890, SP891

  • BenQ Part Number: 5J.J9V06.001

  • This picture only supplies the reference, please take the actual product as the standard.

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