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Projector / Accessories / BenQ Universal Ceiling Mount / Q&A

BenQ CM00G3 Universal Ceiling Mount

  • Universal fitment for most BenQ projectors under 55.1 lbs (25kg)

  • Suitable for projectors with hanging holes within a size of 11.8in (L) x 9.8in (W). Adjustable Length 5 in (127.7mm) ~ 22.7 in (577.7mm); spaced every 1 in (25mm)

  • Mounting arms must match projector mounting points. Your projector may use fewer arms.


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  • Can any BenQ projector be mounted?
  • Yes. The universal ceiling mount is compatible with most BenQ projectors under 55.1 lbs (25kg).
  • Is it easy to raise and lower the mount with a projector installed?
  • The mount’s length can be adjusted to a total of 3 adjustment notches, with each notch being 1 in (25mm).

    Check the video to see how to mount a projector to the ceiling:   

  • Do I need to use all 4 mounting arms?
  • Mounting arms must match the projector’s mounting holes/points; however, your projector may use fewer arms.
  • Can I mount the universal ceiling mount onto drywall or sheetrock?
  • Drywalls have less capacity to hold weight. If you have decided to hang your projector on a drywall ceiling, make sure that it has extra joints and support.

    You can mount the projector onto sheetrock. You can either drill holes to secure the mount to the wall or attach it to the ceiling.


    *This product must only be installed on a horizontal ceiling. Do not install in places where there is vibration or a chance of shock.

  • What is the loading capability of the universal ceiling mount?
  • This mount supports projectors with a maximum weight of 55.1 lbs (25kg).