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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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BenQ Releases WiT LED E-Reading Lamp to See Better, Work Better and Feel Better World's

​World's First Curved LED Lamp Combines Smart Dimmer and White Control for More Comfortable E-Reading in Home or Office Spaces


COSTA MESA, Calif. — March 30, 2016 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider, today introduced its market-changing WiT lamp. Featuring the world's first curved LED lamp head, the device — designed especially for onscreen reading — stylishly and efficiently illuminates an entire workspace or digital display while reducing the effects of reflection and glare. Equipped with adjustable color temperature controls and an ambient light sensor, the intelligent lamp shines the perfect amount of light intensity — meeting today's demand for smart device technology that automatically adapts to its environment.


"The WiT lamp reinvents tabletop LED lighting using the sophistication of smart technology to provide customers with an exceptional lighting environment in the home or at the office," said J.Y. Hu, vice president, business line management at BenQ America Corp. "Fully adjustable in any direction, BenQ's smart and beautiful lamp features the world's first curved LED head that maximizes the illumination area and provides the optimal warmth and brightness needed to match any mood or reading material, even on e-readers. Integrated with BenQ's ZeroFlicker monitor technology, the tailor-made lamp redefines elegance, durability and viewer comfort for LED lighting."


The WiT's curved LED head illuminates a 150 percent wider area than basic lamps, delivering an even 35 inches of uniform lighting space for any PC-based home or office setup. Adjustable via its ball-joint head for flexible three-dimensional positioning, the lamp intrinsically reduces glare and reflection from both surfaces and screens while enabling fluid 45-degree tilting and swiveling to boost user comfort. With 1800 lux of illuminance and 850 lumens of luminous flux, the dual-color LED device is an incredible force of brightness, providing powerful lighting capabilities without compromising ease of use, energy consumption or design.


WiT's smart ambient light sensor automatically detects environmental brightness to intuitively adjust the lighting to more comfortable levels for users reading onscreen material such as homework, spreadsheets or online publications like e-books. As part of BenQ's Eye-Care promise, the innovative lamp lets customers further fine-tune brightness and color temperature between 2700K and 5700K using a digital dimming knob for the ultimate white light control. Users can select warm tones for casual reading on the couch or cooler hues for precision-based computing. Using BenQ's ZeroFlicker™ technology, the unit also eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to more effectively reduce eyestrain.


To accentuate any interior and provide the durability to meet the strains of today's demanding settings, BenQ's WiT lamp features a lightweight aluminum alloy design and is available in "Sunset Red," "Daybreak Gold" and "Galaxy Silver," with more color options coming. To meet eco-friendly standards, the WiT only consumes a maximum of 18 W of power and provides an astounding lifetime of up to 40,000 lighting hours.


Available now, BenQ's WiT lamp can be purchased online at a retail price of $299. More information is available at