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Top 5 Gadgets to Save Summer 2020

outdoor portable projector is one of the best gadgets for summer 2020

Let’s be honest, the world isn’t in the best of places this summer. What’s supposed to be a time of outdoors fun and joyous escapades has been diminished by a global health crisis and everything that means. But fret no more, you can still have fun this summer while staying safe and healthy from the comfort of your home or your local community. You don’t need to consign yourself to a gloomy season – you can still have fun, and technology is once again your friend. From portable projectors to ice cream makers, you’ll be surprised how many ways there are to uplift your spirits and enjoy the summer with your family and friends.

Shall we look at the top 5 gadgets and accessories that may yet salvage and even enhance your summer of 2020 beyond your expectations? 

Bluetooth Speaker

Music continues to serve as food for the soul and summer 2020 is no exception. Beat the doldrums with a handy Bluetooth speaker that pairs easily with every device conceivable these days, from smartphones and laptops to projectors and streaming boxes. Wherever there’s music, the life of the party carries on. Feel free to have fun with your favorite tunes, but do remain considerate of others. Bluetooth speakers work equally great whether you’re in the backyard, the beach, or at a camping site. 

Portable Projector

Stop forcing people to huddle around a smartphone or laptop when watching stuff together at your events. Portable projectors showcase movies, TV, home videos, photos, and everything else on big screens, the side of your house, an RV, any available wall, or any other surface. They just work and provide eye-popping entertainment for everyone. As long as they’re invited!


As a neat bonus, good portable projectors have Bluetooth speakers built-in for double the fun. They’re also light, bright, and very durable. Indeed, quality portable projectors offer powerful 500 lumen displays with crisp 720p and support for 1080p, leading to clear image quality no matter what you showcase on. Portables also employ efficient LED technology to make sure their batteries go for at least three hours, which is more than enough for a long movie. While unicorns may not be included, portable projectors are nearly guaranteed to make you happy. 


Watch How Portable Projectors Can Bring Outdoor Enjoyment to Your Backyard

Misting Fan

One thing about summer is that it’s hot, which can become uncomfortable. Cool your guests down with a light mist from a dedicated fan! Not only does it feel nice, it looks very chill. The perfect accompaniment to a daytime BBQ, and the ultimate mood setter for a nocturnal horror movie session in your backyard. What lurks in the mist? We’ll let you answer that. 

Shaved Ice Maker or Ice Cream Machine

The mercury’s rising so it’s a perfect excuse to indulge in chilly treats. Never say no to shaved ice, since it’s delicious and not too bad in terms of calories: being made of almost entirely water. Everybody at your outdoor events will be very grateful for the tasty and cooling snack, which now readily comes in myriad flavors. Alternatively, if you want a more substantial indulgence, get a DIY ice cream machine. Nothing says summer like ice cream, if we’re being honest. 

Mini Drone

Don’t settle for regular pics on your smartphone. Get a compact drone and save an aerial view of your outdoor gatherings. A whole new outlook on fun awaits, with modern products being very easy to control and compact so they don’t get in the way or make a lot of noise. Quick setup and even pairing with your smart devices (thanks again, Bluetooth) are also prominent features. You’ll be very grateful down the line when you have true 360-degree videos to bring back good memories rather than flat 2D stills.


Don’t let things bring you down. Summer’s ticking away in the northern hemisphere and there’s much fun to be had, especially if many of us are encouraged or required to spend more time at home. We wish you a wonderful summer! 


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