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How to Create an Outdoor Cinema with a Backyard Projector

4 friends gather in the backyard and enjoy outdoor cinema with a portable backyard projector


The year 2021 hasn’t been easy on the world. Nor on you, your family, and circle of friends. We’ve had a global health crisis with possible effects for all of us. Who could blame you for wanting to stay away from large crowds until more certainty and stability returns to our lives? And even though there are challenges about, giving up entertainment and joy should never be an option. What’s the point if we can’t have happy times? That’s where your handy backyard and a portable, outdoor projector like GP100A, GV31 or GS50 enter the proverbial picture. We’ll show you that combined, they banish the 2021 blues as we head into summer. The world may be a bit of a tangle right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself in the safety of your own backyard.


Whether for movies and TV shows, video games, or family reels, portable projectors are the perfect complement for your backyard as the weather gets all nice and warm. They bring big format experiences with a cinematic feel right to your homestead, without having to get close to crowds if that makes you uncomfortable – and these days that discomfort would not be so out of place. 


Reality That Challenges Fiction

So far in 2021, we’ve had a world-spanning pandemic that has resulted in large scale shutdowns, lockdowns, and social distancing. Movie theaters have been closed for months in most parts of the globe, as have the majority of entertainment venues. Even now as we gradually move into reopening, many restrictions are still in place, meaning a trip to the cinema could be a social distancing hassle for a while longer. Or it could end tomorrow and everything will go back to normal. But with your own portable projector for the outdoor wonderland of your backyard, you have the perfect backup plan.


Don’t feel like mingling with crowds or figuring out social distancing guidelines? Avoid this new reality while it lasts by bringing the movie theater home. It’s a lot safer and more convenient if you stop to think about it – and likely more economical, too!


While we’re sure things will gradually go back to the way they were, it’ll take a while and you can expect summer 2021 to be affected to some extent no matter how fast the recovery. And again, with easy setup and great features, outdoor portable backyard projectors make for a superb “in any case” sort of investment. 


The Great Outdoors a Step Away

Backyard cinemas bring big screen joy to you, your family, and your friends without the need to travel further than a few feet. Light, compact, and super easy to setup, portable projectors field large entertainment on demand. Literally open the door to your backyard, place the backyard projector, find a surface to project onto (screen, wall, even some linen!), then choose what to watch. It’s that simple. All under the stars and with some fresh air that’s probably healthier than the reconditioned air at the cineplex.


You get to combine the feeling of stepping out of the house with the comfort and safety of not venturing far or getting involved with big crowds of people. In that regard, it’s the best of both worlds. Of course go ahead and invite your family members and friends to your backyard cinema – presumably you won’t ask hundreds of people over, so that should be fine! 


Looks Great

Don’t worry about what to watch, as there’s tons of content. Good backyeard projectors for the outdoors have powerful LED-based projection that shines great at night, and even looks good during the day. You should know what to look for when choosing a portable projector. That includes weight, durability (like water and shock resistance), battery life, resolution, and of course connectivity.


Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows for streaming apps straight on the projector, and the right ports mean you can plug it into everything from game consoles to your PC and smartphone. Load up a summer blockbuster (many are now available as first-run digital downloads thanks to virtual cinemas), a venerable classic, or a binge-worthy TV show. Or maybe do some gaming. It’s up to you. 


Retro Forward Thinking

While backyard movies have an old timey, drive-in kind of feel to them, they’re actually very future proof. If there’s one thing has taught us so far, it’s to expect the unexpected for better or worse. Having the ability to keep enjoying good entertainment with the people you care about can bring so much comfort in challenging times, hence our statement earlier about portable projectors being a wise investment. Getting together to talk, socialize, and laugh with loved ones isn’t something you should give up on. Easy to use, hassle-free portable projectors for outdoors use help ensure the joy continues, so long as you pick a good one – so please don’t just settle for the cheapest model out there!


And have fun in the summer of 2021, a time that will surely be immortalized in the history books. 


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