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TH690ST: Immersive Gaming Experience


The TH690ST short throw gaming projector features full HD 1080p graphics and an 8ms input lag for smooth gameplay. The projector includes two treVolo 5W chambered speakers for a powerful sound performance.

These features sound amazing, but does the TH690ST really provide an immersive experience? Continue reading to find out as we put it to the test.  

  1. The Setup Process
  2. Let's Play
  3. Conclusion: Did We Experience Ultimate Immersion?
The Setup Process

Since the TH690ST is solely a gaming projector, it does not come with an internal streaming dongle compared to BenQ’s Home Cinema projectors. So, the setup process was simple: connect it to a power outlet and plug in your console of choosing. The TH690ST is compatible with PS5/PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, you name it! You can even connect your Amazon Firestick or Chromecast via the Universal HDMI 2.0 port.

The greatest benefit of the TH690ST is that it is a short throw projector, meaning you only need to place it 5ft away from your wall for a 100” screen projection. This is perfect for anyone who lives in a small space because the projector doesn’t require a lot of room. With the 2D keystone feature, you can easily adjust the display to remove the trapezoid effect that might occur when adjusting the projector.

Want to mount your TH690ST projector to the ceiling? Check out this detailed step-by-step guide.

Friends playing “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” on the PS5.

Let's Play

We tested the TH690ST on a PS5 and PC computer to see if there would be a difference in quality between the two. For the PS5, we played “Spider Man: Miles Morales”, an action-adventure game. The PS5 was automatically set to 1080p, but we wanted to see if setting it to 2160p would affect the gameplay. The graphics didn’t transition as smoothly compared to the 1080p setting, however it wasn’t too noticeable to where it affected our gameplay. On the PC we played “It Takes Two”, an action-adventure co-op game. The picture quality was automatically set to the highest setting which caused noticeable lag, so we recommend adjusting your settings to 1080p to obtain the 8ms response time.

Regardless of lag time, we were both still in complete awe of the picture quality. Before, we had only played games on a 65Hz gaming monitor, so playing on a gaming projector was a real treat. The beautifully animated scenes in “It Takes Two” and “Spider Man: Miles Morales” was brought to life by the superior 4LED color performance of the TH690ST projector. We felt like we were watching the cutscenes in a movie theatre.

The TH690ST features different picture modes, such as game and cinematic mode to name a few. While in game mode, the details appeared clearer and sharper. To test out the other picture modes, we streamed some content to see how it would it perform and to no surprise, the quality was just as amazing. Even in a brightly lit room, we could still play with clarity, and we appreciated the thoughtful design of the different picture modes. 

Playing It Takes Two on the TH690ST

Conclusion: Did We Experience Ultimate Immersion?

Absolutely. We were fully immersed into the world and found that it added to the interactive gameplay of “It Takes Two” and “Spider Man: Miles Morales”. The TH690ST lives up to its short throw expectation. We played on a 100” screen even though the projector was placed 5 feet away from the wall. The speakers provided a powerful performance that only enhanced the immersive experience.

Overall, we highly recommend any gamer to play on a gaming projector. It really is an experience like no other and we think any gaming fanatic should try it at least once. Whether it be finishing “It Takes Two” or watching TV, it’s safe to say that the TH690ST is going to be on our holiday wish list.

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