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Fist Meets Fate: Tekken 8 on a X3100i BenQ Gaming Projector

BenQ Game Zone Series

BenQ Writer: Alexandria Hulslander

Tekken 8 is a fighting game that holds the Guiness World Record for the longest-running video game storyline and has Worldwide tournaments annually for competitors to show off their skills. You can play in the story mode, titled “The Dark Awakens,” or invite some friends over and challenge them to a mini tournament! Regardless of how you decide to play, using a BenQ 4K immersive gaming projector you’ll get the best fighting experience possible. With 4.16ms input lag and bright, vibrant projected images, the X3100i is the perfect partner for your matches with friends, online competitors, or practice rounds. Welcome to the BenQ Game Zone Series!  



The Art of Fighting

Every fight tells a story, and Tekken 8 continues the saga of the Mishima bloodline with father vs son grudge matches that shake the cities around them. The game wastes no time jumping right into the intense battles for this story and players will have to go a few rounds before getting the opportunity to practice their fighting skills. Each cutscene to set up the story was created to be truly cinematic, and the true-to-life colors on the X3100i ensure that you’re getting the full cinematic experience. The fights are cinematic as well, but they are fast-paced and you’ll be focused on the vibrant colors and details of the match itself, especially when you get that K.O. victory!

Following the storyline gameplay is a good way to get introduced to Tekken if you’re new to the series, but there’s no shame in practicing beforehand to familiarize yourself with the battles styles of different characters. For the main story, you should practice fighting with Jin to gain confidence in his movements and combos, but for tournaments, challenges, or arenas, pick a character the works best for your fighting style! How you fight can vary per character, but each one has a certain archetype that affects their overall fighting style. In this image, you can see King’s hands are open as he is a ‘grappler’ and relies on grabbing opponents to do damage, which makes him a more aggressive character. Subtle details like these are easier to notice on a larger screen with a clear, vibrant image that you get when playing on a X3100i gaming projector, giving you the competitive edge you need to win. 

Alongside the many updates the game had, the creators put a lot of care into the cinematics of the fights themselves and a focus on character reactions to attacks. As you attack, pay close attention to your opponent’s movements and expressions to try and predict their next move. Some characters are far more expressive than others, but regardless of who you’re fighting you won’t miss the details of their facial expressions and body movements with the X3100i. How they move around the arena also indicates their fighting style and potentially hints at their next move, so select an arena you feel confident battling in. Pictured right is an extremely vibrant arena, enhanced by BenQ CinematicColor technology, where the lights reflect off the characters clothing and the colors pop.

Don’t be deterred if you’ve lost a match or aren’t ready to jump into the story so fast. Tekken 8 is designed for everyone to be able to learn how to play and enjoy the game. You can test the characters out yourself, do some research on their fighting styles, or watch a few tutorials on YouTube before jumping into the game. Connect the X3100i to Wi-Fi, load up YouTube, and take advantage of the BenQ CinematicSound technology for high-quality audio that fills the room.

New Game, New Modes

The game was developed using Unreal Engine 5 to focus on more aggressive tones and feature upgraded fighting elements and modes. The new “Heat System” mechanic lets players harness their aggressiveness and turn it into an offensive weapon with special movements and enhancements for each character’s unique abilities. The game will reward individuals who are proactive in attacking over those who choose to focus on defense. As you play, you need to pay attention to the Heat System indicators and health bar for you and your opponent. The larger the screen, the easier it is to see everything and attack accordingly. Using a gaming projector, you can get a larger-than-life 4K image that fully immerses you in the game, enhanced by BenQ CinematicColor and CinematicSound technology. 


Below is a comprehensive list of each of the new modes for Tekken 8.  

  • Arcade Quest: An introduction to gameplay for individuals unfamiliar with Tekken. Players can learn about the game, create their own avatar, master fighting techniques, and experience a unique storyline different from the main one.
  • Tekken Fight Lounge: This is the online fighting arena where players can create their own avatar, chat with other players, and challenge each other to matches.
  •  Super Ghost Battle Mode: Within the Tekken Fight Longue, gamers can play against NPCs created from other players data to practice fighting techniques with ease. 
  • Tekken Ball: First introduced in Tekken 3, experience epic battles and fighting techniques with this thrilling beach volleyball mini game!
  • Customization Mode: The most in-depth options for customization from the Tekken series so far, from the details on the online avatars to the background music during fights.
  • My Replays & Tips: Watch replays of matches, review mistakes, learn what worked, and practice as much as needed to perfect your fighting skills!

All of these modes have one thing in common, practice! Beginner or pro, practice is the best way to gain skills and confidence in matches. With 32 unique characters who each have their own way of fighting, finding the right one to use is crucial. The game developers built high-definition character models from the ground up with emphasis on their muscle movements to portray a lifelike battle sequence. The details put into each character are ones you don’t want to miss on a smaller screen. Anticipate your competitors’ moves and experience full-game immersion with the vivid details of the X3100i, enhanced by BenQ CinematicColor technology. 

Don’t forget about playing the main storyline though, as there are lots of cool features and exclusive abilities that can only be unlocked in story mode. The story itself is also written well and with the care the creators put into it, all Tekken 8 players should experience this cinematic masterpiece. The cutscenes tell a vivid story and the character voices were newly recorded instead of being recycled from the previous games. It’s more then just a fighting game, it’s a cinematic experience that should be played on the vibrant, crisp, and detailed image from the X3100i gaming projector.

Get Competitive

One thing the Tekken series is known for is their tournaments and competitions, but you don’t have to enter one of those to enjoy the competitive nature of the game. On a monitor you have no choice but to play online because a group of people can’t crouch around a screen and functionally play the game. However, with a gaming projector, you can invite a group of people over to watch the competition from anywhere in the room. The X3100i can project an image up to 150inches and provides adjustability of that image with vertical lens shift and digital zoom.  Experience the ultimate fighting arena for Tekken 8 with a BenQ gaming projector. 

The game features Cross-Platform Play, which enables gamers using a PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC to compete against each other online. With easy connectivity, multiple adjustment options, and easy an easy set-up, the X3100i is the perfect project for Tekken 8.



Who is your favorite character to play with? What arena do you enjoy the most? We’d love to hear all about your gaming experience with Tekken 8 on our ProjectQ Gamers Lounge!

*All images in this article were projected on a 75-inch screen with the X3100i gaming projector.



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