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How to Choose a PS5 Gaming Monitor


With the PS5 becoming more mature and getting better optimized games, let’s see what you need to consider before buying your gaming monitor to get the best visual experience on the current gen console.


PS5 Display Resolution

Sony’s PlayStation 5 designates target resolutions, not frame rates. Following the September 7 2022 firmware update, the console currently supports the following resolutions:

  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 1080i (presumably for TV content support)
  • 1440p
  • 2160p

So, we see there’s 4K, but no 8K, which means the console can’t supersample/downsample 4K to 8K and vice versa at this point (we’re using 4K displays). Thankfully, 1440p support has been added, which is great for people that want to use PS5 on a PC gaming monitor. By default, the PS5 has everything set to automatic, including resolution, but you can change that manually. The console has no problem detecting 4K displays, and after nearly two years of use we agree having everything set to automatic is generally the best choice. 

ps5 gaming monitor resolution setting

If you are considering which monitor to buy to play with PS5, resolution is one thing that you need to consider!


You may also be wondering about ultrawide monitors. The PS5 works with ultrawide screens but the image may be stretched or otherwise modified, since ultrawide resolutions aren’t supported by PS5 yet. Learn more about this topic right here.

About 1440p on PS5

Following much popular demand and likely related to Sony’s release of PlayStation-branded PC gaming monitors, the PS5 received a long-awaited addition in the form of 1440p support, meaning 2560 x 1440.

To activate 1440p, go to Settings, then Screen and Video. Click on Test 1440p Output.

The PS5 will then cycle through tests for 1440p in 60Hz and 120Hz. If all goes well, you can then use 1440p at up to 120Hz. And yes, 120Hz mode works fine in 1440p. In fact, the PS5 is more likely to reach 120Hz in 1440p than in 4K.


We’ve tested an entire range of BenQ MOBIUZ high refresh rate gaming monitors on PS5 and all passed the 1440p 120Hz test.

1080p / 1440p / 2160p
Up to 120Hz
PS5 currently only supports VRR for 1080p, 1440p and 4K

BenQ MOBIUZ Models for PS5

Below mentioned products support more than 120Hz

Resolution vs Size 24 to 25 inch 27 inch 32 inch 34 inch and above
1080p (FHD)
1440p (QHD)
2160p (UHD)

Note: Model with * are curved monitors

PS5 Frames Per Second: What is Game Preset?

Sony changed things up considerably with the PS5 UI compared to its PS4 predecessor. In what we think was an attempt at improving accessibility, Sony engineers ensure that the console can run 120Hz games like some FPS titles.

The PlayStation Team has created a function called Game Presets.


Game Presets can be found at “Save Data and Game/App Settings” where they are somewhat hidden.


If you want to game in 120Hz, make sure your monitor supports that refresh rate as does the game you’re playing.


Note that higher refresh rate monitors can run lower frame rates, meaning a 165Hz gaming monitor can run 120fps. So you won’t have any problem playing PS5 games on a monitor faster than 120Hz, even though that’s currently the top refresh supported by PS5.

ps5 gaming monitor game preset

What Do Game Presets Do on PS5?

Game Presets have two options, which are Performance Mode and Resolution Mode.


Performance Mode is used for higher frame rates, typically at the cost of resolution and setting fidelity. This only applies to games that have a performance/quality selector to begin with. So, if you want to play 120Hz games choose this.


Resolution Mode as its name suggests is for resolution and higher image quality. So, if you’re on a 4K display and like sticking as close as possible to that resolution, then use resolution mode.


Again, this only works with games that have toggles for these settings and that support the Game Preset feature. 

PS5 Connectivity: Does HDMI 2.1 Matter?

The PS5 ships with a 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 cable. Indeed, when plugged to an HDMI 2.1 port we can see that 120Hz shows up as a supported frame rate.


HDMI 2.1 Image Details

The PS5 presumably negotiates frame rates with each game and app, and the UI appears to run in 4K 60Hz.

With HDMI 2.1, 4K 120Hz is clearly a firm part of the PS5 resolution/refresh rate constellation, so support isn't an issue.

ps5 gaming monitor hdmi 2.1 setting

Why MOBIUZ Monitors for PS5?

Visuals of course determine just how much you enjoy gaming, and added features that optimize visuals make a big difference. MOBIUZ monitors feature Light Tuner and HDRi to enhance details and create a smart HDR effect that adjusts to game visuals and ambient conditions. With those, PS5 graphics look much better than baseline.


Light Tuner is a custom BenQ technology that ensures contrast and brightness are balanced, and thus prevents detail washout or crush in bright and dark areas of the screen. This is especially helpful when looking for hidden enemies!


HDRi technology further auto adjusts screen brightness and color temperature based on visuals at any given time and ambient light conditions in your room. It creates a smart and reactive HDR effect that makes game graphics much bolder and more life-like, while reducing eye strain and fatigue to make extended gaming sessions far more comfortable.


On the audio front, MOBIUZ monitors feature powerful dual speakers and a custom subwoofer for realistic 2.1 channel sound in all your games. Select models even have an AI noise canceling microphone built in, so if you don’t want to use a headset, we’ve got you covered for audio and chat. With great sound already on the monitor, including an AI noise-cancelling microphone, you don’t need to invest in external speakers or headphones unless you want to! 


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PS5 Gaming Monitor

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