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Holiday 2020 Monitor Buying Guide


As far as years go, 2020 certainly was many things but it sure wasn’t uneventful. Whatever your personal take on the last 300 plus days, we can all probably agree that the upcoming holiday season should be as happy and enjoyable as possible.

What better way to wrap up a year than with a treat for yourself or a loved one that’ll make a real difference. And monitors do make a difference. You’d be surprised to learn how many people out there use the “wrong” kind of monitor, as in a model that’s not suited to their lifestyle, work, or hobbies. Or maybe they’re just on a very old monitor, with resolutions and other features that were fresh when 2020 still seemed like something out of a sci fi movie. Plus, unlike in the past, there’s so much to choose from these days, we all could use guidance. Curved screen vs. flat. Is 60Hz enough or should one go with 144Hz? We may have some advice.

And with that we present a quick monitor holiday buying guide to help you choose the best display. We’ll look at screens for gaming, productivity, entertainment and more, and help you and yours go from restive to festive via the power of amazing visuals and delightful displays.

Keep in mind, late 2020 is especially full of reasons to get a new monitor. From new next gen gaming consoles to more powerful graphics cards, there’s so much going on you really don’t want yourself or those you care about to settle for a prehistoric panel.

Shall we begin? 

Quality, High Speed 1440p Gaming: EX2780Q

The 27” EX2780Q is one of our biggest sellers for good reason. The beautiful IPS panel delivers superb colors and up to 144Hz. In this size class, the native 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution maintains an ideal pixel density for utmost clarity and accuracy in every kind of game. The EX2780Q further supports HDR and FreeSync, so games look bright and bold while screen tearing is a thing of the past.

The EX2780Q suits all genres of PC games, and with its extensive connectivity covers DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C. We especially recommend the EX2780Q to serious PC gamers that want high framerates without necessarily investing in super expensive graphics cards – as that’s very doable now in QHD, not so much in 4K (even the latest graphics cards struggle to maintain 100fps in 4K). The EX2780Q offers an excellent balance and covers all the bases, including sound with its powerful 2.1-channel audio (twin 2W speakers plus 5W subwoofer).

Additionally, we think the EX2780Q provides an excellent match for the new Xbox Series S console from Microsoft. The console targets QHD 1440p and 120Hz, and those two specs fall squarely within the EX2780Q’s domain. 


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All-Out Fast Response, Competitive PC Gaming: MOBIUZ EX2510

MOBIUZ monitors trace their ancestry to some of the finest gaming displays in the world. As such, the EX2710 has a 144Hz refresh rate, making it perfect for those in your life that love reflex-based first and third person shooters. FPS and third person shooter fans tend to sit close to monitors and therefore appreciate more compact form factors like 25”. That way, the entire screen fits in personal fields of view, allowing for faster reaction without needing to look around a bigger screen. The EX2510 uses a top-shelf IPS panel for excellent color, but uniquely for an IPS display, the monitor manages an incredible 1ms MPRT (moving picture response time). That means there’s no perceptible lag or latency to hamper gaming experiences. That makes the EX2510 a worthy purchase for the competitive PC gamers in your social circle (or for you, as the case many be).

And none of that comes at the expense of impressive visuals. The EX2510 not only has HDR, it uses smart BenQ HDRi technology to optimize high dynamic range performance. Accordingly, the monitor includes AMD FreeSync Premium technology so screen tearing is prevented in HDR game modes, as well. The EX2510 rises above the competition with powerful treVolo audio that makes every nuance and hint come to life, enabling gamers with precision directional sound driven by high quality chambered speakers.

If you or someone you know love fast, responsive gaming above all else, the EX2510 will make you happy this holiday season and beyond. 

Ultrawide Curved Gaming: EX3501R

Curved monitors lend a special, perhaps more natural look to displays. They fit human eyesight better than flat screens, but of course each of us has their own preference. The generously-sized 35” EX3501R has been a curved, ultrawide 21:9 mainstay for a while, and there are several reasons for that success. This 3440 x 1440 screen with HDR and FreeSync has crisp visuals that offer a resolution boost beyond 1080p and 1440p, while not as taxing on graphics cards and CPUs as 4K (3840 x 2160). The ultrawide screen ratio expands fields of view in games, and is especially favorable to fans of racing and flying sims, as well as open world action adventure connoisseurs.

The EX3501R’s curved design measures 1800R, meaning it’s not overly aggressive in its curvature, nor too timid. It does have a 100Hz panel for extra speed beyond standard 60Hz. Modern mid-range GPUs can handle 3440 x 1440 in 100Hz quite easily, making the EX3501R an impressive addition to gamers that want to experience something different, unique, and more engaging than an older 1080p flat display. Time to upgrade. 

PC/Console 4K Entertainment and Gaming: EW3280U

For folks that love watching movies, streaming content, and also engaging in pristine 4K gaming, the EW3280U offers a dependable all-rounder. Starting with an IPS panel that undergoes meticulous testing and balancing at the factory, the EW3280U ensures you get a true 4K experience with breathtaking colors and HDR. The 32” screen is perfect for desktop use and offers the ideal pixel density for 4K so text doesn’t look too small or fuzzy, while entertainment and gaming content doesn’t need to scale or stretch and thus lose sharpness. The EW3280U is built with every type of entertainment in mind: movies, TV, gaming, even still photos. All content benefits from its carefully-balanced design.

So, whether you have a new PC setup, a PS5, or an Xbox Series X, the 4K 60Hz of the EW3280U has everything you need to get optimal experience with each. Or all, as the EW3280U includes dual HDMI ports plus DisplayPort 1.4 and USB-C, so you can connect a PC and two consoles to one monitor with ease.

The EW3280U will make anyone looking to build a desktop entertainment center happy for a long time, without having to compromise on HDR quality or sound – the latter courtesy powerful treVolo audio technology. 

4K for Designers and Artists: PD2700U

Do you know someone who still does design or art on a 1080p screen? Are you such a person? Time to upgrade, really. And the PD2700U is an excellent place (or monitor) to start. At 27”, this 4K HDR display offers very high pixel density that’s perfect for professionals used to sitting close to the screen and observing every detail.

As a BenQ AQCOLOR monitor, the PD2700U’s IPS panel passes a host of factory calibration tests and quality assurance steps. You get a color calibration report in the box and know that everything is ready to go without any additional hassle. What you see on the screen comes out faithfully in prints, a crucial factor for creatives. The PD2700U makes productivity easier with 10-bit color depth, 100% sRGB, and Pantone validation. So you know you’re getting quality.

Dedicated CAD/CAM, black and white, animation, and dark room modes offer a high degree of flexibility for different usage needs. So be kind, give the gift of professional-grade 4K to someone in your life. Or to yourself, we won’t judge. 

Work and Study from Home: GW2780T

Yes, what a year 2020 has been. What can you do other than adjust. And the GW2780T does that with bright, flying colors. For those who need or choose to work and study from home, the GW2780T delivers in spades. The bright and colorful 27” IPS is considerably bigger than the usual 22” home office solution, providing much needed relief from eye strain. Speaking of that, BenQ Eye-Care technologies ensure your work and school sessions don’t cause eye fatigue. Blue light filters, flicker prevention, and even break reminders all help keep things healthy.

The slim bezel of the GW2780T creates a very appealing look to help make work and studies more enjoyable, and our engineers know height adjustment makes things so much easier. So yes, ergonomics are a big priority for the GW2780T, and you can easily adjust screen height as needed. We don’t know if work from home and study from home are temporary trends or not. We do know the GW2780T will serve you and those you care about for many years to come.

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