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Newly Optimized HDRi and How to Update MOBIUZ Monitor Firmware

MOBIUZ Gaming Monitor: Newly Optimized BenQ HDRi

Before we move onto a step by step guide to updating your MOBIUZ gaming monitor and getting the benefit of improved and newly-optimized HDRi, perhaps we need to explain what the feature does. HDRi uses proprietary BenQ algorithms designed and tuned by our image and color experts to automatically tweak high dynamic range application in response to ambient lighting conditions and the contents of displayed images. HDRi technology has been on BenQ and MOBIUZ monitors for quite some time, and adds a reactive HDR effect. However, the BenQ team responsible for HDRi felt more could be done.

Their conclusion would be that the time has come for HDRi optimization towards even better performance. Listening to user feedback, the experts went to work. They optimized HDRi and released a new version in late 2022 that further deepened the response and fidelity of HDRi, making the distinction between Cinema Mode and Game Mode more effective than it already was. In all modes, HDRi resolves details better than before, leading to improved clarity in every ambient light condition and all content types.

Flexibility Comes First

The HDRi team decided that trying to achieve a universal idea of color and image perfection isn’t viable or even desirable. With so many genres and types of games available now, and with widely divergent visual styles, applying a universal approach doesn’t work well when optimizing a feature like HDRi. Going about things with an eye to flexibility is key. Newly optimized HDRi is much smarter than its previous versions, with algorithms that take into account more visual styles and pay close attention to the balance of dark and bright areas in each frame. That’s why another BenQ feature has been folded into HDRi, called Color Vibrance. You now get 20 levels of vibrance saturation in all HDRi modes. These levels affect color and brightness, and offer you more flexibility in fine tuning image parameters manually to your liking if you feel the automatic tuning could be improved on.

Additional sub-features and capabilities are planned for future iterations of HDRi, as upcoming BenQ and MOBIUZ monitors of all series plan to deploy with a greater emphasis on high dynamic range and wide color gamut. Stay tuned for future updates, but in the meantime, here’s the quick guide we promised.

Update MOBIUZ Monitor Firmware: Step by Step Guide

Hassle-free firmware updates are now available for MOBIUZ monitors, making the process as simple as flashing a BIOS, or even simpler. Definitely not as bothersome as the old way of having to take your monitor to a service center. BenQ offers the new update method on all MOBIUZ monitors. But do keep in mind newly optimized HDRi is currently available on the EX480UZEX270QM, EX2710U, EX3210U, EX2710Q, EX3410R, and EX3415R. Some models, like the new EX480UZ OLED gaming monitor, ship from the factory with new and optimized HDRi, so you don’t need to do a firmware update right away. However, in general we recommend regularly checking for new firmware versions and updating when possible. Like with other products, new firmware does more than fix issues. The biggest benefit comes from new features like improved HDRi, so make a habit of checking for new firmware versions for your monitor.  

If you have one of these great monitors and want to update the firmware, here’s what you do:

  1. Make sure your PC is connected only to the monitor you want to update. Multi-display setups may throw the update process off.
  2. In addition to a video connection, aka DisplayPort or HDMI, you also need to have a data connection between your PC and the monitor. USB-C takes care of both, so if possible, use that. Otherwise, connect the PC and monitor with a USB-A to USB-B cable in addition to DisplayPort or HDMI. That cable is included in the box with all of the above listed MOBIUZ monitors.
  3. Download the firmware zip file:
    EX270QM, EX2710U, EX3210U, EX2710Q, EX3410R, or EX3415R.
  4. Unzip to an easy to find location, and run an executable called BenQDisplayQuickit.exe.
  5. Display QuicKit then auto runs the firmware update after detecting your monitor.
BenQ HDRi Update Firmware Display QuicKit Download


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