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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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How Does BenQ HDRi Increase Your Immersion?

HDR content increases every day, so HDR support is a spec many buyers want in a monitor. You should note that this effect varies between different models and manufacturers. HDRi, BenQ’s proprietary technology, enhances the standard effect by integrating adaptive tech. Its intelligent control detects the current ambient light level and then automatically adjusts screen brightness for the ideal viewing experience. Viewers can see clearly what’s being shown on the monitor. It’s the combination of innovation and increased user control which creates the most immersive experience to date.

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Intelligent Brightness and Contrast Control

HDR increases contrast and details with brightness effects. By introducing custom modes suited to different content, BenQ HDRi lets you match the effect to what you’re watching. The graph below shows how brightness and contrast vary between modes. These subtle differences take the viewing experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Brightness and contrast vary between HDR, Game HDRi and Cinema HDRi

Figure 1: Cinema HDRi offers better contrast and more details.


HDR refines details by raising brightness. This can result in overexposed bright areas on the display. Fortunately, BenQ developed a fix.

Game HDRi increases the contrast and saturation of red tones, which is essential for many game elements, such as human skin or rocks, bricks, leather, and fire, making these elements more realistic and vivid. GameHDRi also improves the overall brightness and clarity of the game scenes, creating a more engaging gaming experience.

Cinema HDRi aims to achieve a realistic viewing experience by adjusting the color balance and contrast levels of each pixel. This results in a stable and consistent color performance across different scenes and lighting conditions. Cinema HDRi also boosts the contrast ratio between the darkest and brightest areas of the screen, creating a deeper sense of depth and dimension. With Cinema HDRi, viewers can enjoy a more vivid and lifelike display of content.

BenQ monitor HDR mode
BenQ monitor Game HDRi mode
BenQ monitor Cinema HDRi mode

Vivid Colors

Besides better contrast and more details, BenQ HDRi technology also offers more saturated colors. This makes colors richer and more vivid. This is because the BenQ Color Engine allows each color to be enhanced in depth and hue. For example, in Cinema mode, the color blue can become more vivid than in other modes. All this attention to color results in viewing experiences that make you love what you watch and glad you watched it on a BenQ monitor.

BenQ monitor HDRi technology makes colors richer and more vivid

Figure 2: HDRi covers a wider color range thanks to its smart engine. Image for reference only.


BenQ HDR mode
BenQ Game HDRi mode retains more detail
BenQ Cinema HDRi mode retains most natural colors

Figure 3: Compared to HDR, Game HDRi retains more detail and offers truer game visuals, while Cinema HDRi mode retains the most natural colors.


With BenQ’s proprietary HDRi technology users can customize their experience. After all, you know what you want from a viewing experience. BenQ is here to make that happen.


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