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Here’s How to Get Your Best Gaming Experience


It shouldn’t be complicated. You want a gaming monitor that lets you game on your terms and doesn’t get in the way of your play. Okay, you’d love one that delivers snacks and improves your skill, too. BenQ can’t help with the snacks, but does offer what it takes to give you a competitive advantage. We’ll break this down three ways: what you need to see, what you need to hear, and how fast your monitor needs to be. There’s a bonus tip at the end. Feel free to get excited now.

Seeing is Defeating
BenQ's Monitor

That might not be how the saying goes, but it’s a reality in the gaming space. Game developers are savvy about providing camouflage. Combat that with resolution that won’t let your enemies hide. You don’t have to go 4K here, but a 1440p gaming monitor will definitely help.

Along with 2K resolution, you’ll need HDR support for your best image. An HDR gaming monitor will look clear and defined without artifacts or other distractions. This keeps your experience immersive and your gameplay sharp.

As an added bonus, some BenQ displays offer Black eQualizer and Color Vibrance. These image optimizers add depth to varied shades of black and heighten contrast. Think of them as visual superpowers.

Did You Hear Something?

Quality sound is hugely beneficial—and overlooked by many manufacturers. Very often, there are audio cues associated with impending doom. A gaming monitor with speakers can buy you extra seconds of prep time when you hear an approach before you see it. Extra seconds translate into extra success.

Not to brag, but let’s brag about BenQ gaming monitors with speakers that will blow your mind. Not only does the integrated 2.1 channel sound increase immersion, the ambient sounds alert you to what’s coming next. Also, the .1 in 2.1 sound? That’s a subwoofer. Cool, right?

Specialized Game Mode uses that subwoofer to deliver intense, bass-driven audio that will keep you in the game and on the edge of your seat. That sounds amazing because it is.

Speed Wins

It’s logical. Faster is better—to a point. Most gamers do fine with 60Hz, but do you really want to do “fine?” There are blazing 240Hz gaming monitors out there. If you’re a pro you might demand that intense refresh rate. For us mere mortals, a 144Hz gaming monitor gives a boost in speed without a huge boost in price for a feature we probably won’t be able to perceive.

Eye-care = endurance

Here it is. That bonus you’ve been waiting for. Extended sessions can take a toll on you. Especially on your eyes. Part of that is the 20 minutes you went without blinking. Another part might be your display. Many BenQ monitors are equipped with specialized eye-care features.

ZeroFlicker™ eliminates screen flicker. Low Blue Light filters harmful blue light. Brightness Intelligence Plus evaluates ambient lighting in your space and the content on your screen. Then, it optimizes your display for a balanced image that is, truly, easy on the eyes.

Want to make your partner or parent happy? Let them know the gaming monitor of your dreams has Eye Reminder. This feature detects your presence in front of the screen and suggests periodic breaks. Perfect time to rest your eyes, take a bathroom break, restock snacks, and get back to it. After all, with all those features, your eyes won’t be tired.

Your Game. Your Way.

At BenQ, we know there are all types of gamers. That’s why we make a variety of gaming monitors. Our goal is to help you reach your goals. However you game, we hope you’ll explore our monitors and enjoy every minute of play.


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