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Stream your Workspace and Record Macro shots With a Single Webcam

Video-based sharing is the dominant mode of creative-based collaboration on the internet today. Creating high-quality video content for sharing is not easy, and often requires a variety of cameras and techniques to capture every perfect angle and shot, potentially a great expense for the average amateur enthusiast. The combined purchase of a standard webcam, document camera, and macro-camera costs hundreds of dollars. The question is how does one create an efficient three-camera streaming setup without breaking the bank?


Hobbyists and enthusiasts are reticent to spend thousands of dollars on new cameras just to show off a few creations on video. These would-be streamers need a multi-functional camera, built specifically for sharing creations quickly and easily.

Consider your workspace and recording environment

The first factor to consider is the workspace in which one will be recording. Will you be sharing objects on a desk, or something you hold in your hand? If you intend to shoot a workpiece or object on your desk, a traditional webcam will be insufficient, as webcams only point forward, and thus cannot effectively shoot a document or workspace.


To address this - multi-camera recording setups often include a document camera. Designed specifically to record video of an object or paper on a flat surface, these devices often retail for hundreds of dollars or more. If you plan to record objects in a workspace, you will need a device that effectively functions as a webcam and document camera in one solution.

Are you sharing video of a physical object?

The next factor of your decision is to consider the type of content you are trying to create and share. If you plan to share a perfect angled sot of a physical object (3d print, painting, collectible, tech device, etc.), seek out a camera you can hold in your hand. In short, look for a cam that offers a hand-held mode with auto-focus.


Many streamers meet this requirement with a traditional DSLR or mirrorless full-frame camera. While this works as a solution, much like the document camera, it is also quite expensive. Shouldn’t your streaming webcam also work in the palm of your hand - without requiring the use of a third camera?

How can you capture closeup shots?

The story is all in the details! Don’t forget about macro shots to show off high-quality details that might otherwise escape the eye. Creators who develop content about electronics, engineering, circuitry and other related topics often need to share high-resolution closeups. While a USB-connected microscope is a fine solution, these single-purpose devices are also quite costly. Instead of incorporating yet another camera device into your recording setup, seek out a cam that offers a quick and easy macro-shooting mode, so you can capture those fine details on the fly without paying through the nose for a microscope.

How would you like to share your creations?

Finally, consider where and how you plan to share content. Will you record your video and post it to a site like Youtube or Reddit, or will you stream your work live on a platform like Twitch? In short, find a camera that works equally well in both arenas.


In other words, your chosen webcam and the software you pair with it should function well for both recording and live streaming. Video sharing platforms like BenQ Enspire record video, but also pair exceptionally well with conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.


In summary, consider the above factors, and finally your budget. Your ideal solution will combine the best elements of webcams, document cameras, and hand-held cameras, into a single intuitive platform. Products like this include BenQ’s IdeaCam and accompanying Enspire app-less recording software. It’s unique mount and intelligent software allow it to be both webcam and workspace camera. The addition of handsfree auto-focus mode and the included 15x magnetic macro lens make it a particularly effective streaming and sharing tool.


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