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Supported Color Calibration Devices for Photography Monitors

Color Calibration Device for BenQ Photographer Monitor
Why Do You Need a Color Calibration Device?

Inside a computer, numerical values of red, green, and blue define all possible colors, but what we use to reproduce that color affects the result. For example, the color cyan is 100% green, 100% blue, and 0% red. These numeric values never change, so cyan always has the same numeric value. But, how that cyan looks on the screen is affected by several factors, the most common being an uncalibrated screen.  All computer monitors incorporate small variations due to the nature of manufacturing. At BenQ, we use high-precision equipment in the manufacturing process to minimize these discrepancies. Color calibration helps reduce the impact of those discrepancies on color performance. 

Supported Color Calibration Tools for BenQ SW Monitors

Colorimeters Spectrophotometers
X-rite i1 Display Pro / Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro
X-rite il Pro, il Pro 2, il Pro 3, i1Pro 3 Plus, ColorMunki Photo
X-rite i1 Display Pro Plus / Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro Plus
 X-rite i1 Studio / Calibrite ColorChecker Studio<br> Datacolor Spyder 4, Spyder 5, Spyder X

*Note: X-Rite Photo & Video is now Calibrite. This is why some devices show two names.

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