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Who Needs Color Management?

Designers such as graphic designers, multimedia designers, web designers and other creative professionals who create visual concepts by using computer software need color management. Color management can help these creative professionals communicate their ideas better and more effectively. Done properly, each device in their workflow will reproduce consistent colors.​

Graphic designer
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Documentary professionals such as photographers or videographers who use digital cameras or camcorders to capture and record reality. Color management allows documentary professionals to trust the color that is displayed on the screen, knowing that the image or video footage that is replayed on the screen accurately reflects the author’s original intentions or what it appeared as in reality.​

Documentary professionals

Post production editors who use computer software to edit graphics such as photos, videos and drawings need color management. Color management offers accurate color adjustments for professionals whose work involves fine-tuning details of images or videos, allowing them to smoothly produce the final product with no faulty color problems.

Post-production editors

Commercial printing centers that output hardcopies of the images requiring accurate color need color management. Color management enables commercial printing centers to offer customers quality color prints that accurately reflect the colors shown on the screen. Color management can help businesses save money on unnecessary reprints as a result of color mismatch.

Commercial printing centers

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