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│Gaming Monitors│

│Esports Gaming Gear│

Imagine a New Reality


• 32” 4K 144Hz HDRi image performance
• HDMI 2.1 supports 4K@120Hz console play
• Sleek new white design with superior 2.1ch speaker


• 34” Immersive 1000R Curved Monitor
• Ultrawide WQHD 21:9 expansive viewing
• HDRi & 2.1 channel audio immersive tech

│EX3210R Dying Light 2 Night Runner Edition│

• 32” 165Hz 1ms QHD with Immersive 1000R Curved Monitor
• Dying Light2 theme design
• HDRi & 2.1 channel audio immersive tech


• 27” 165Hz 1ms QHD expansive viewing
• Immersive 1000R Curved Monitor
• HDRi & 2.1 channel audio immersive tech


• 27” IPS 165Hz 1ms QHD expansive viewing
• HDRi smart image optimizer
• 2.1 channel audio immersive tech


• 27” IPS 165Hz 1ms FHD expansive viewing
• HDRi smart image optimizer
• FreeSync Premium for smooth gameplay

Be Serious,
It's Not Just a Game


• 240Hz HRR pro performance
• DyAc+, Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance
• XL Settings to Share


• Cable management device
• Feeling of wireless with 100% stability

│Mouse Fitting Kit│

• Try before you buy for the best fit
• Shapes & sizes for every hand & grip style
• Includes: EC1, EC2, FK1+, FK1, FK2, ZA11, ZA12, ZA13, S1, S2

│Mouse Pads│

• 2 surfaces and sizes to choose from
• Cloth surface for consistent and controlling glide
• Low friction surface for a smoother glide


• 12 Different unique shapes and sizes
• All built with comfort in mind
• Find the mouse best fit for you

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