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How are the five sound modes different and optimized?

FPS mode sound localization. RCG mode 3D surround effects. SPG mode announcers’ voices. Pop/Live mode live music concerts. Cinema mode dialogue clarity. Please click and follow the instructions below, or read on to learn more about this topic.

FPS mode:

It emphasizes sound localization so gamers can hear very clearly in which direction his enemies are coming. A heightened level of sound detail is also provided to gamers so that they can hear the soft footstep sound and identify which weapons his enemies are using. It makes it easy for the gamers to attack or to defend as if they were really in the battlefield.


Racing Game mode:

This mode is especially designed to enjoy the high-pitched revving of the racing cars. The deep bass sounds, 3D surround effects and accentuated rhythm are all enhanced. You will surround yourself in a sound field as in a real-world racing game.


Sport Game mode:

SPG mode is specially designed to highlight announcers’ voices. It balances the interference from the background sounds and thus foregrounds the human voices. In addition, this mode takes advantage of its device design for sound field setting, making it easy to hear and distinguish the announcers’ booming voices clearly from those of the cheering fans. Enjoy the real-time thrills.


Pop/Live mode:

Live/pop mode is designed for listening to live music concerts for long periods. It adjusts sound balance as well as coordination in the high- and mid-to-low frequency sound to maintain realistic, live audio quality.


Cinema mode:

When watching a movie, if you find that the speakers cannot convey the sound made from the skillful action heroes, the sorrowful atmosphere of a scene in a terror movie or the heroic appearance of the hero, it will definitely weaken your immersion of watching a movie. Taking the sound and sound fields in the cinema as a reference and preserving the clarity of the dialogue, Cinema mode enables the audiences to fully immerse themselves in the film both visually and auditorily.


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Applicable Models

EX3415R, EX2710Q, EX3210R, EX2710R, EX3210U, EX2710U, EX3410R

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