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Speaker / Dialogue Speaker for Learning / treVolo U

Crystal Clear Desktop Dialogue Speaker for Online Learning | treVolo U

  • treVolo Voice Engine – designed to focus on clear human voice reproduction

  • One-piece enclosure with duo driver and bass radiator design for best-in-class sound

  • High quality microphone gives the best voice reception with noise and echo cancellation


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BenQ treVolo U desktop dialogue speaker for crystal clear voice transmission

Unrivaled online learning experience

treVolo U Crystal Clear Voice Transmission

‧ Emphasis on Human Voice
‧ Natural and Clean Reproduction
‧ High Quality Voice Pickup

treVolo U powered by the exclusive treVolo Sound Voice Engine is giving clarity to human voices

Hear Better, Learn Better

treVolo U is powered by the exclusive treVolo Voice Engine, giving clarity to human voices. Hear clearly. Learn more efficiently.

BenQ treVolo U minimize background ambient sounds to leave only clear voices

treVolo Voice Engine

Isolate from background noise

Minimize ambient background sound to keep voices crystal clear.

treVolo Voice Engine

Vitalized human voice

Thanks to BenQ’s human voice recognition algorithms, treVolo U can easily identify and clarify frequency differences in male and female voices, offering clean and easily understood speech.

BenQ treVolo U helps users to easily distinguishes the sounds made by different pronunciation parts

treVolo Voice Engine

Clearly hear the subtle differences

Designed to replicate human speech accurately and clearly, the treVolo Voice Engine allows listeners to easily pick up on the proper pronunciation of different languages.

BenQ treVolo U with one-piece seamless design prevents vibrations and sound leakage

Attentive design for natural sound

Seamless design prevents vibrations and sound leakage. The 12-degree angled elevation helps aligns the speaker and microphone with the learner for more focus.

BenQ treVolo U duo drivers are made of uniquely developed materials for 30% better volume performance and durability

Duo drivers, doubled performance

With the high frequency tweeter separated from the mid-range woofer, a rich, high quality and balanced sound is achieved. The driver is made of uniquely developed materials for 30% higher volume performance and enhanced durability.

BenQ treVolo U select patented materials in the passive radiator to create large-speaker-like bass

Small unit, powerful sound

Select patented material in the passive bass radiator and suspension structure bring on the bass, even at low volume levels.

BenQ treVolo U picks up voices perfectly in richness with a premium microphone and parabolic design

Heard Better, Understood Better

With a premium Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) and a parabolic design receptor, the treVolo U microphone receives comprehensive sound input. This, combined with noise reduction and echo cancellation technology provides accurate and clean voice clarity.

BenQ treVolo U filters delayed echo and ambient sounds to ensure clear two-way dialogue

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Built-in AEC technology filters the delayed echo and ambient sound to provide a real and crisp human voice at the far end, ensuring two-way clear dialogue.

Three sound modes for various scenarios

BenQ treVolo U with three sound modes for learning and entertainment

Video Learning Mode

Video Learning mode provides the best vocal quality for online learning.

BenQ treVolo U with three sound modes for learning and entertainment

Live Learning Mode

Live Learning Mode provides the clearest conversation with excellent microphone performance and smart echo control.

BenQ treVolo U with three sound modes for learning and entertainment

Music Mode

Music mode provides the most balanced sound quality for music and entertainment purposes.

Details that Matters

A. treVolo Voice Engine

This exclusive technology strengthens vocal sounds, enhancing clarity and pronunciation.

B. High quality microphone

Wide-angle sound reception takes in all the details.

C. 12-degree Elevation

Both the speaker and microphone are directed upward, enhancing the hearing and speaking experience.

D. Duo driver speaker

Separating the tweeter from the mid-range driver and woofer provides a rich and consistent sound mix.

E. Acoustic echo cancellation

Delayed echo and ambient sounds are filtered out to provide the crispest human voices.

F. One-piece cabinet design

Vibrations and sound leakage are minimized for better overall sound quality.

G. Customized passive radiator

Specially selected patented materials give even low volumes bold bass.

Hear the Difference

Sound engineering design

BenQ treVolo U with three sound modes for learning and entertainment

Tablets or laptops

Output from the sides of a flat device results in attenuated sound

BenQ treVolo U with three sound modes for learning and entertainment

treVolo U

12-degree elevation angle of an integrated device gives face-to-face, natural sound

Sound tuning technology

BenQ treVolo U with three sound modes for learning and entertainment

Regular entertainment bluetooth speaker

Excessive bass and unclear vocals

BenQ treVolo U with three sound modes for learning and entertainment

treVolo U

Exclusive treVolo Sound Voice Engine delivers consistent enhanced vocals

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Laptop internal speakers

Tablet internal speakers

Entertainment bluetooth speaker

treVolo U dialogue speaker

These are actual anechoic chamber recordings. 

See the Difference

You can see the clarity provided by treVolo U! Using the voice input system on smart devices, recognition accuracy rate of broadcasts is as high as 99%.

BenQ treVolo U is tested by voice input system to prove its high recognition accuracy rate

More Unique Features

treVolo U App

Through the dedicated app, you can check the connection status and battery level of the treVolo U through a smart device, and remotely control the main functions.

Customized Profile

A six-frequency sound test teaches the Customized Profile how to build a unique sound profile. This will adjust the sound of each frequency emitted by the treVolo U, providing customized sound for learning, gaming, and entertainment.

Key Specifications

Bluetooth Version:

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth range:

Class I, 10m (under interference-free environment)


3.5 mm (4pin CTIA)


Type-C USB2.0

Continuous playback time:

about 12 hours

10W output

BenQ treVolo U is with Bluetooth 5.0 and continuous playback time about 12 hours