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Share Your HT4550i Story to receive $200 back in credit!

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QCast Video Streaming Dongle – QP01
Video Streaming Dongle - Qcast

BenQ QCast video streaming dongle is designed to enhance your multimedia entertainment by bringing digital content stored on your iOS or Android smart device, as well as your computer, onto the big screen for better sharing with family and friends!

Easy to use from download to set up, QCast wirelessly streams your videos, movies, documents, websites, and live video sessions to any display device* of your choice with Full HD 1080p image quality and wide bandwidth to ensure fast transmission speed for smooth 30fps video.

*The installation and operation of the QCast may vary by display device.

NFC wireless solution tapNshow connects without additional text input, while Miracast mirrors your desired content to any BenQ projector*. In addition, stream straight from the cloud via DLNA, or display local files via WiFi connection.

*Also suitable for other display devices including LCD monitors and TVs.

Valuable Features of BenQ Qcast

1.tapNshow innovative NFC wireless solution gives you the convenience of connecting your smart device to the projector with a simple tap.

2. Go from small screen to big screen with Miracast, DLNA and local content streaming. Stream from any iOS, Android, Windows, or OSX device.

3. Wirelessly stream 1080p multimedia content at 30fps. The wide broadband connection enables stable, smooth video transmission.