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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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MOBIUZ Gaming Monitor Series Launch

BenQ launches the MOBIUZ gaming monitor series with the latest features and technology for gaming enthusiasts.


COSTA MESA, CA – July 17, 2020 – It's about how you game. It's about why you game. MOBIUZ gaming monitors by BenQ are geared to transport you to alternate realities. Think of them as super stylish, high performance escape pods. MOBIUZ is the answer for gamers who aren't pro eAthletes, but who demand performance from their display.

"We saw a need for monitors that make the most of high-budget AAA games," explains Jason Lee, BenQ Product Marketing Manager. "MOBIUZ features proprietary tech that lets users fully appreciate and benefit from the awesome graphics and full-range audio in today's hottest titles."

Inspired by the Mobius strip, these displays are engineered for endless immersion. They tackle the ideal gaming experience with a user-focused, three-pronged approach: graphics, audio, and comfort.



It's all in the details. Wind blowing through fields of grass. Skin that looks realistic. Hidden clues or evil foes tucked into shadowy corners. That's the difference patented HDRi adaptive technology makes. It assesses the content on your screen and ambient light conditions, then delivers images with precise detail, vivid color, and contrast the amplify your ability and experience. The IPS panel makes color look its best from any angle, so you can enjoy the view with friends. MOBIUZ is like a doorway into your latest challenge. It's tempting to say game graphics can't get any better than with HDRi. And yet, they can.

MOBIUZ monitors are equipped with the latest visual optimization tech. Best of all, you decide what's best for you. Black Equalizer improves visibility in dark scenes, without overexposing bright areas, so you can see everything hiding in the shadows. Color Vibrance refines images in-game so details, and targets, are easier to spot. And Light Tuner lets you choose from 20 color settings so games can look the way you want them to look. 

There's nothing beautiful about blur, tearing, or artifacts. Debut MOBIUZ models EX2510 and EX2710 boast FreeSync Premium, 144Hz HRR (High Refresh Rate), and 1ms MPRT for completely seamless display. Plus, 99% coverage of the sRGB color space means you will never have to compromise on color.



Did you hear something? Probably not if you're using most monitors, which is a shame. Game developers spend a mint on musical scores that support the on-screen action and emotion. Dialog connects you to the characters and drives the plot. And, don't forget the approaching footsteps or sonic clues that make the difference between failure and success.

Two 2.5W speakers and an integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) work as your auditory allies. The treVolo team of engineers built in selectable customized sound modes to match your content. Sure, most of the time, you'll use Game mode for full intensity. But, when you're streaming Netflix movies or watching YouTube, you have other options. Cinema modes delivers realistic audio and Pop/Live makes the most of music and vocals.



You know the feeling. You're blowing through levels, having a great time, when your eyes can't take it anymore. Eye strain, headaches, and fatigue can take you out of play quicker than many on-screen foes. The MOBIUZ team thought of that, too.

BenQ is a global leader in eye-care for displays. This same tech is found in  MOBIUZ. Brightness Intelligence Plus optimizes content based on environmental lighting and on-screen composition to ensure comfortable eyes during extended play. Low Blue Light filters harmful blue light and Flicker-Free eliminates distracting flickers. There's even eye-care for when you use your monitor for reading, homework, or work. ePaper Mode balances text and the background to make reading more comfortabe. And, for users who cannot distinguish red and green colors, Color Weakness Mode comes through wiht filters to help. You guessed it, the eye-care in these displays make computer monitor time easy on the eyes.



Also important for gaming comfort and success is the ability to main proper posture. That's why MOBIUZ monitors are equipped with adjustable stands. You decide the height, tilt, and swivel settings that suit you best. This is especially great if you find yourself sharing your monitor with someone else.

And you can count on others wnating to share once they see you gaming on a MOBIUZ monitor. There's no mistaking EX2510 or EX2710 for a run-of-the-mill model. The base boasts stylish accents while also providing space to store a controller. The back of the panel looks so good, you might be tempted to turn your display around when yu are not using it. But the focus on you and making sure nothing distracts you from the action, so nothing but sleek bezels around the screen.



Are you ready to experience next-level immersion? MOBIUZ can be the gaming monitor that takes you there. Together, you and your MOBIUZ can take on every challenge like never before.