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Display Pilot | BenQ Monitor Software

  • To simplify workflows and make design work more convenient and flexible

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 and macOS :10.14/10.15/11(Currently not support the Apple M1 platform)

  • Version: Windows: V2.1.78.0/ Mac:V1.0.7.2

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  • V2.1.78.0
  • Issues this version fixes:

    1. Solve the issue that display pilot does not work on win7 systems

    2. Solve the issue on AutoPivot function

    3. Solve the issue that Hotkey setting does not be saved after restarting OS


  • V1.0.7.2
  • 1. Solve the issue that software crash after setting desktop partition

    Software Version

    Windows: V2.1.78.0


    Compatible OS

    Windows®10, Windows®8,Windows®7

    Mac:10.14 / Mac:10.15 / Mac:11 (Currently not support the Apple M1 platform)

    Compatible BenQ Model

    PD2500Q, PD2710QC, PD2700Q, PD2700U, PD3200Q, PD3200U, PD2720U, PD3220U, PD3420Q, PD2705Q, PD2725U