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Why does my speaker sound like that?
treVolo series from BenQ
A new listening experience
Conventional Bluetooth speakers are unbalanced

Small Bluetooth speakers try to compensate for their small size by boosting the low frequencies which can lead to an uncomfortable listening experience and an inaccurate muffled sound.

Conventional Bluetooth speakers can not accurately reproduce live music

• Harmonics in the mid to high frequenicies are an important part of what makes live music sound "live". To reproduce these harmonics typically requires larger cabinets and higher costs.
• The electrostatic panels in the treVolo S and treVolo 2 require very little power to move and so they reproduce audio in a much more accurate way.

Conventional Bluetooth speakers are power hungry

• A conventional speaker design requires a lot of power to play music clearly at a low volume. With inadequate power most Bluetooth speakers sound stage collapses and the frequency response changes as the volume decreases. This results in a subpar audio experience and can sound muffled or lose that "full" sound experience.
• Balancing the volume and quality of the audio can be difficult, especially when the only solution is to turn it up when you're trying to relax.

Sound should be heard like this.

• If the sound (from treVolo S) is crisp and clear, you don’t have to play it loud like conventional Bluetooth speakers.

• A premium efficient design allows you to hear all the music even at low volume.

• You could enjoy a longer listening experience with out ear fatigue caused by distortion in traditional speaker design.

• Spoken word is clear and accurate for binge watching your favorite show, listening to your favorite podcasts, or maybe even learning a new language.

What the World Says about treVolo
Musician / Tech Web Site
Cristina Kiseleff
Romanian Violinist

I was immediately amazed by treVolo S’ character when playing any genre of music no matter where I place it in the room! It differentiates itself from anything of its size that I have listened to so far by its clarity which renders in the most accurate and balanced way all the frequencies necessary.

Contributor of Forbes
Brad Moon

The treVolo S performance was significantly different compared to the traditional speakers I usually work with. In particular, high frequency sounds were reproduced with exquisite detail. Outside of the novelty factor, the ideal audience for the BenQ treVolo S is a serious music listener.

Peter Buka
Hungarian Pianist

I have to say that, I spent a lot of time with the Trevolo S and it was a positive experience. I really like the clear voice and hard bass. The design also impressed me. So thank you for BenQ, they did a great job on this speaker!

Editor-in-Chief of EDN
Michael Dunn

This is a really good sounding speaker. The sound is clean and well-balanced. I mainly listen to “classical”, so can say that while the lutes and clavichords sound great, the organs and orchestras must be enjoyed relatively quietly.

Sarah Joy
American Cellist / Singer

The treVolo 2 bluetooth speaker creates the perfect listening experience, especially as I am a Classical musician. I use it while studying scores and listening to different interpretations. This speaker brings out the orchestral lines beautifully and allows me to catch all of the details.

AUTHOR of the headphone list
Ryan Soo

The treVolo S best suits those that prioritise sound quality, and to that end, it delivers with aplomb. Very detailed, balanced sound, long battery life.