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Why Good Monitor Speakers Matter in Gaming


What makes the cut for your ideal gaming setup? You probably pay close attention to refresh rate, resolution, and screen size. You’ve budgeted for all the specs you know impact the quality of play and performance. But, have you considered how much audio contributes to better gaming? No? Sounds like it’s time to consider sound.

Gamers love the built-in 2.1 channel speakers in EX2780Q

The benefits of great monitor speakers for gaming are twofold: better sound increases immersion—why play a game when you can experience it? It’s also that unfair advantage we all wish for. How much quicker can you react when you hear approaching footsteps in Doom Eternal rather than waiting for enemies find to you first? Elevated audio equals elevated gaming.

Better Speakers for Better Sound

BenQ rolled out 2.1 channel treVolo sound in the EX2780Q gaming monitor and experts took notice. Integrating high-end speakers and a subwoofer for full bass solved the problem of providing studio sound without adding bulky speakers to your desktop.

These integrated speakers are engineered to deliver professional audio. They maintain clarity and offer enhanced quality. It comes down to that word we see so often associated with gaming--immersion. You’ll hear all the nuanced sound along with the full range of vocals and supporting music that take gaming to the next level.

Audio a la Mode

Sound is not one-size-fits-all. With that in mind, select BenQ gaming and entertainment monitors offer customizable modes. These modes are made possible by a Digital Signal Processor chip, or DSP. Choose the mode best suited to your content:

  • Cinema – rich balance for realistic experience
  • Dialog/Vocal – crystal clear clarity and defined mid-range
  • Pop/Live Music – pitch perfect fidelity and crisp audio
  • Rock/Party – bring the bass for a party atmosphere
  • Game – fine details and full sound

Pro tip: it’s your call. When playing games with rich audio, like Outer Worlds or Death Stranding, try out different modes to see what you like best.

A Sound Decision

Overlooking the audio in gaming costs you enjoyment and success. Tremendous energy and expense goes into soundtracks. Budgets go into the thousands of dollars for every minute of music. Clearly, it is valued on the dev side.

Final Fantasy, Undertale, or The Last of Us 2 lose a lot if you mute the score. Music carries you through the story line and provides invaluable cues, too. Notice that build in intensity and volume when you start down a path? That's a sign it might be a good time to consider option B.

Hearing Is Believing

Every BenQ monitor is developed and manufactured to meet your needs in an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Integrating 2.1 channel audio and a DSP chip in gaming and entertainment monitors is definitely innovative. The added space on your desktop without clunky speakers is efficient. As for cost effectiveness, click on the models below to learn more about the value offered in these well-appointed displays. Once you prioritize great monitor audio it will take your fun to a new level.

BenQ Monitors With Built in Speakers and 2.1 Channel Audio


2K QHD 144Hz IPS panel EX2780Q with HDRi and superior audiovisual features delivers the best immersive gaming experience. Featuring BenQ proprietary HDRi technology and FreeSync, EX2780Q is your best gaming monitor.

Speaker Gaming Monitor

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